This is How to Draw Cool Stuff

With How To Draw Cool Stuff, you can learn step-by-step how to draw anything with confidence. My kids love drawing and are naturally talented when it comes to art, drawing, and painting. That being said, they both strive to make their drawings more realistic. We were so excited to review How To Draw Cool Stuff: Holidays, Seasons and Events so that we could all learn how to draw familiar figures such as Santa, the Easter Bunny, summer items, and more for every season of the year.

 How To Draw Cool Stuff helps artists of all ages and abilities to start thinking like an artist by learning how shapes can become complex drawings when you use basic drawing skills and add shading, texture, and a lot of imagination.

This book offers 426 pages of artist tutorials that will build your skill level and confidence. Art teacher can use this detailed book to help supplement lesson plans, students of all ages can use this book to improve their drawing skills independently. This book offers expert advice for kids and adults alike.

Each page offers lessons on how to make holiday and event figures and items in a way that provides guidance and structure but doesn’t require an exact replica to be made. My daughter (age 10) and son (age 12) have both enjoyed flipping through their books to try their hand at drawing items that they would never had tried before and they are doing an excellent job.

Each lesson they complete adds to their drawing abilities and confidence.  It is a great book to have around the house for kids to pick up for a quick doodling session and to take with you on road trips. I knew my kids would like the book but I had no idea how much they would enjoy it and want to use it all the time. They are learning fantastic skills that will last a lifetime.

You can purchase How To Draw Cool Stuff on and makes a a wonderful gift for all aspiring artists.

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