Top 10 Stupid Things People Do In Hurricanes

There’s nothing like watching the power of stupidity go up against what seems like the infinite power of nature.  Hurricanes, Floods, and Tornados can bring out the bravery in those of us with the lowest IQs.  Sitting here in Akron, we don’t have to suffer from this to a great degree, but, it’s fun to watch.  Check out our list below:

Ride the Surf in a Hurricane – #10

Riptide + hurricane waves + pier posts = 3 fries short of a happy meal.

Riding the Surf in Pre-Hurricane Waters - near a pier
Riding the Surf in Pre-Hurricane Waters, Near a Pier


Safeguard their Belongings Poorly -#9

ANY rubber hose ain’t gonna hold against 400 Million Gallons of Water.

A Car tied to a tree- flood fail
Tie your car to a tree- that'll work against 400 Million Gallons of Water

Almost the Opposite- Loose Outdoor Valuables – #8

If these start flying their gonna kill some one!

Flamingos lying flat in a yard
Not securing your outdoor valuables

Over Prepare with Supplies – #7

The shelves across Washington DC are likely quietly empty- with everyone ‘stocking up’ for the big form.  Its only rain people!

Too Much Toilet Paper
Overly Prepared

UnderEstimating the Distance you need to Travel to Get Away – #6

Just Keep Driving….

tents flooded
Placing your temporary housing in harms way

Taking on Wildlife Preservation Yourself – #5

No George, you are not a marine biologist.

Feeding a sick turtle
Taking Care of Wildlife without a License

Keeping Up with Regular Routines- Just because you are Addicted – #4

Sometimes you can just say “Ya, I don’t NEED to jog today”

Man running away from breaking waves- in speedos
Continuing to Exercise in Harms way

Keeping Up with Regular Routines- Just because you have OCD- #3

Again with the mowing- you mowed 3 days ago!

Know when to quit mowing
Knowing when its time to give up

Umbrellas Don’t Work- #2

What in your brain thought that this would be a good idea?

Umbrellas are Useless
Umbrellas are Useless

Overdressed for the occasion – #1

Please, dress for the occasion.

not wearing the proper gear
Not Wearing the proper clothing in a hurricane


Hope you’ve enjoyed the list.  If you would like to see more like this, please let us know below!


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