WalMart Moving from Fairlawn To Copley (Where?)

No no, nothing is for sure folks.  We recently saw an article in the Beacon Journal filled with assumptions that the WalMart store is moving form their cozy perch in the center of Montrose/Fairlawn out to the outskirts of the shopping mecca on Rothrock Road.

Oh, this might include SAM’S Club too (THE place to buy salsa, chicken, and toilet paper).  This is NOT going to be a happy affair for the McMansions up and down the Rosemont country club area…

Below is a map of the assumed move.

Walmart Moving from Fairlawn Ohio to Copley Ohio?

Is there a building there on Rothrock now?  No, of course not.  Just some woods that back up to the highway.  HHGregg would be just a little way down the street.  As is Best Buy.

Good things about WalMart moving:

Bigger store- You can complain that WalMart targets lower income folks with cheap plastic versions of products.  And that can be true- but LOTS of us shop at WalMart for staples, medicines, etc.  They have an excellent system of getting products around the country fast- to be honest, if our Federal Government failed, I think I would suggest that the WalMart organization be in charge instead- atleast they do things efficiently.  Mind you- a clean up in Aisle 4 does NOT qualify them to clean up the BP Oil Spill…. Anyway.

OK, Bigger store, that’s all I could think of for that move that would be good.  Might be PURTIER.

Bad things about WalMart moving:

  • Redesigning MORE roads to handle traffic
  • Residents of RoseMont will get PRETTY upset. (Can’t have that! lol)
  • We don’t need another empty building in Fairlawn.  They are hard enough to fill!
  • The old Fairlawn (Crosspoint now) Alliance Church lot between HHGregg and Best Buy will STILL have people turning around in the driveway because it looks like the HHGregg entrance (You’ve done it, I KNOW you have)
  • OK, I can’t think of much more..

All in all, WalMart is an American institution- like it or not, and they like pretty new buildings.  We like new houses too- just like the ones in Rosemont.

Have a beef?  Share it below….

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6 thoughts on “WalMart Moving from Fairlawn To Copley (Where?)

  1. cp says:

    the notion that either the current walmart or sam’s are run down is a joke. that is what is wrong with america. everyone needs a shiny new toy every few years rather than standing pat with a good thing. it is wasteful and fiscally unwise to constantly be replacing things that are still very functional.

  2. Cindy says:

    Angie, I agree that stores need to keep their looks up to the highest standards or people will shop elsewhere. That’s why KMart cannot keep up with WalMart & Target, their stores are no fun to shop! I haven’t noticed the Fairlawn Walmart looking run-down. Didn’t they just put in those laminate floors in all of the clothing departments? It looks like that might have been a last attempt or a hold-over bandaid until the new store is built.

    I hope that the entire Walmart & Sam’s Club shopping center isn’t a huge blackhole in Montrose!

  3. Cindy says:

    Sara, I’m happy for your family. I’ve seen those For Sale signs forever. Plus, that empty house looked so sad there alone in the weeds! I’m sure your family REALLY loves Walmart now. Congrats. 🙂

  4. Angie H. says:

    The current Wal-Mart in Montrose has become run down and dingy. I avoid it at all costs and try to stop into other Wal-Marts when I get the chance. I would welcome a redesign of the current one, but think a new one is a good idea too. My main concern and hope is that they would fill that space quickly and not leave an empty building. I think a lot of the stores in the general Montrose area are failing to remodel and keep up with the same stores in nearby towns and shopping areas, making the shopping around here less than desireable.

  5. Sara says:

    It’s not so much a rumor as truth at this point, the permits and everything have already gone through the township, I believe. My family owns property on the street as well that’s been for sale for ages and because of the Wal-Mart deal it’s finally sold! So, I don’t really have a beef, but I do understand the traffic issues. However, I’m excited that my family can finally unload the headache of selling the property we have near there!

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