What Type of Wig Looks Most Natural?

Have you lost all your precious hair to hair loss? Are you looking for a way to get your hair back? Or even get something better than your real hair? Or maybe, you are not happy with your hair and want to change them somehow?

Trust me – I can feel you. And we aren’t alone.

Either way, the good thing is that wigs exist in this world. They are an easy and quick way to get the hair of your choice. But, oh, how important it is to get yourself a natural-looking wig, or else you might end up looking… not so good.

No one wants that! Everyone wants that gorgeous, natural-looking hair, but it can get tricky as wigs have a variety of range.

Throw in words like lace front or monofilament, and a person who doesn’t know much about wigs would be standing there staring at you, confused as if you said some out-of-the-world words.

Well, you do not need to fear! Here, I have discussed the different types of wigs that will help you look natural. After all, what are friends for? Wait… are we friends?

Okay, okay, moving on. Let’s jump into the type of wigs that are the most natural-looking and get you that perfect natural look! #all-natural, am I right?


A human hair wig is self-explanatory – a wig that is made up of real human hair. Yes, that’s right, an actual human being’s hair. They have the same feel, texture, and weight of natural hair, so it will just feel like your own hair.

But with the pros come the cons. On the one hand, you get to enjoy the fantastic natural hair look. On the other, they are tough to care for. You have to have the time and patience to care for them, and if you don’t, well, you’ll face trouble.

They can easily be damaged by the weather or excessive styling and are also much more expensive than any other type of wigs.

However, not all of us can buy the human hair wig because of how expensive they are. Well, don’t worry. You can look for synthetic hair wigs that also look real.

Get a high-quality synthetic wig as they look almost as natural as the human hair wigs. But that depends on how much you’re ready to spend on it.

Cheaper synthetic wigs won’t give you that natural hair feels, and the synthetic fibers have a shorter lifespan compared to real hair.


First, let’s talk about lace front wigs. As the name suggests, the wigs have lace only at the front portion of the unit while the rest of the cap may be a little thicker and have clips sewn into it to keep the wig at the place.

They are pretty common and are great if you want a natural-looking hair wig. I mean, you get even to set your hairline and part the wig of your own choice, how cool is that? Just adds up to the natural factor of your wig.

Another tip: It is unlikely to rip or tear away at the lace. You read that right – it’s a robust and strong wig.

Second, let’s talk about full lace wigs. Again, as the name suggests, they have lace all over the wig.

A full lace wig usually has a French lace used as the base. These wigs are often custom-made so they can fit onto your head. Some are hand-tied hair, and so, they do a great job in giving you a very natural look.


Let me tell you a story here.

I am also a huge lover of wigs. So, this one time, while on vacation, I went to visit the wig shops in Atlanta, on a mission to find the perfect wig for my head. There, I came across this wig type called monofilament wig.

Trust me when I say that this wig is the most natural-looking wig I ever had.

Try the monofilament wig, and you won’t regret it. You might just come back here to thank me for it.

These wigs are partially or fully hand-tied and can give you the natural hair looks that you want. Polyester or nylon micro mesh is used, and all the individual strands of hair are attached by hand.

So, it will look the same as the skin that is surrounding your hair, and you can part it in any direction that you want to.

On top of that, if you have a sensitive scalp, they are perfect for you as the material used is a lot softer – as soft as velvet!

What other factors should you look at?

While all these wigs can give you a natural look, you need to look at other factors too. These factors are:

  1. The quality of wigs
  2. The density of wigs
  3. The shape of your face
  4. The root color of the wig

Final thoughts

Well, I filled you with all the information on how to find the most natural wig. Now, it’s up to you to go out and explore the world of wigs and use your wisdom to choose the right one for yourself. Just keep in mind everything that you read here.

But don’t forget, once you buy a wig, remember to take care of it by brushing and storing it correctly, especially human hair wig, or your money will go down the drain.

Lastly, the most important thing is that you should feel confident and fabulous while wearing your wig, and you should like it. You go and rock that wig, girl!

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