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picture of SilverShell Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement

My son has a new mattress, with the expense of buying a mattress, I want a product that is going to keep it protected for a long time. He also suffers from allergies, so keeping the dust mites and dander out of the mattress is a must. Did you know that the average mattress is home to 100,000 – 10 million dust mites and their waste? YUCK! I don’t mean to gross you out but having a product to protect your mattress investment and your health is essential but oftentimes overlooked.

Leggett & Platt SilverShell™ Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement

picture of SilverShell Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement
SilverShell Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement

Leggett & Platt has a product that takes care of the dust mist and other bed bug problems as well as bacteria that lives on your mattress through the SilverShell™ Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement.

The SilverShell is a bed bug blocker which includes dust mites, bed bugs, and pet dander from bombarding your mattress.  Nobody wants to think about the fact that dust mites live off our shed dead  skin or that bed bugs suck our blood, but it is true. Nobody wants bed bugs or dust mites but it becomes a health concern for people with allergies or asthma.

Creating a barrier against the thousands or millions of dust mites or the infestation of bed bugs in your mattress is as easy as slipping on the encasement. Plus, this encasement is durable, protecting your mattress even after washing it 60 times!

The SilverShell eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs! Flu season has finally arrived in Ohio according to the CDC and WOIO 19 Action News. It is the slowest start in 30 years, but alas, flu season has reached Ohio.  There are many ways to prevent and keep the flu out of your home like washing hands often, covering your cough, and changing bedding. The SilverShell™ Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement protects your mattress and bedroom environment at flu season and year round.

Best Mattress Encasement

Aren’t all mattress encasements created equally? Leggett & Platt SilverShell™ Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement offers many benefits that other products can’t.  The SilverShell inhibits bacteria, protecting your mattresses from stains and odor-causing bacteria as well as mold and mildew. It also uses the MicroSilver BG antimicrobial technology, offers long lasting durability even after washing 60 times, is easy to put on and off a mattress, and is a bed-bug blocker!

Leggett & Platt SilverShell Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement Review

I chose to use the SilverShell on my son’s new bed. I figure it is best to start with a fresh bed before any infestations occur. We have use mattress covers of various types for our beds and one thing that I expected was a troublesome time putting an entire mattress encasement on the bed. I have a hard enough time putting on a mattress cover!

The SilverShell was a cinch to put on my son’s mattress. It actually can be taken apart in two pieces that zip together. My husband and I put the bottom layer under the mattress. I could probably do it myself but it’s easier with two people. Next, we laid the top layer on top, then zipped it up. It was so easy!

picture of Putting SilverShell on mattress
Putting SilverShell on mattress

I’m glad that it is easy to put on and off the mattress so that I can easily clean it, when necessary. My kids are past the bed-wetting stage but it is still nice to know this product is 100% waterproof too!

After doing research on dust mites, bed bugs, germs and bacteria on mattresses, and the health concerns regarding allergies, I am buying 2 more SilverShell encasements for both my king size bed and my daughter’s bed. I could hardly sleep last night after doing the research!

How does Silver eliminate harmful bacteria?

SilverShell uses the power of pure elemental silver to combat against the stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. How does silver fight bacteria? The antimicrobial properties of silver can destroy bacterial without the use of chemicals. Silver ions destroy the processes that promote cell growth, eliminating bacteria.

picture of How does Silver eliminate harmful bacteria
How does Silver eliminate harmful bacteria


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You can buy the on in sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King. There is a 10-year limited product and mattress warranty.

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