ISSA mikro A Safe Electronic Toothbrush For Baby

ISSA mikro

FOREO is a company who is leading the world in silicone beauty care products. They first launched the world’s first silicone toothbrush back in January of 2014, ISSA.  FOREO’s ISSA has won a number of awards and they thought they should expand their line to children’s toothbrushes too, so this April they are!

ISSA mikro

Meet ISSA mikro

ISSA mikro is the first power toothbrush made completely of silicone just for young brushers! Your child can use this brush until age 5! Since it’s completely silicone it’s nonabrasive and ultra-hygienic. The sonic pulse technology offer two modes, brush and massage. For those terrible teething moments!

ISSA Mikro

Why Is ISSA mikro Needed?

I don’t know about your little kids but brushing Scarlett’s teeth is hard. She fights me tooth and nail. 🙂 And Studies have shown that there has been a rise in oral cavities among children between ages 2-5 years.   I don’t want that to happen to Scarlett and I know I should push her to let me brush her teeth better. Once we have our ISSA mikro I am sure it won’t be an issue.


Is ISSA mikro really safe?

ISSA mikro is 100% waterproof, non-toxic, BPA, PVC, latex and phthalate-free! The soft silicone Is ultra-hygienic and nonporous. It’s quick drying and resistant to bacteria. I mean this is a parents dream toothbrush! Plus it’s available in 5 bold colors, to keep your little one interested. There is also a light up smile that lights when your child has brushed for two minutes!


How much does ISAA mikro cost?

ISSA mikro will retail for $99.00 but right now you can support them via Indiegogo and get an awesome early bird discount!  You can get your own for $69.00. I know it sounds crazy but a toothbrush that will last you 5 years is awesome!



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