It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Who’s Your Bosom Buddy?

Each October, we mark National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Non-Profits, Corporations, and even the NFL are wearing pink, making donations, and doing their part to raise awareness about the disease.  We need to do our part as individuals too, and take responsibility for our individual health.  But sometimes, its easy to put things like mammograms and annual breast exams on the back burner.  But what if you paired up with a buddy to be sure that you both get your mammograms on time?

What’s a Bosom Buddy?

A bosom buddy is simply someone – or a couple someones – you team up with to encourage each other and hold one another accountable to get the breast exams you need.  It could be that you just chose to schedule appointments during the same month or week, and check in with one another to be sure that you followed through on getting your mammograms – you don’t even need to live close to one another.  Or, you could actually go to your appointments together, for company and moral support.  My bosom buddy and I have decided to do the later, and we actually schedule our appointments at the same office, back to back.  We’ve made it a bit less threatening and stressful by going together, and when schedules permit, we add on something fun like grabbing lunch or a little retail therapy.  :)

Meet My Bosom Buddy – My Mom

My mom is a breast cancer survivor.  About 10 years ago, she was going through breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation.  I am incredibly blessed and so thankful to still have her in my life.

My Bosom Buddy, My Mom

She’s a wonderful example of how far breast cancer treatment has come, and how important it is to get regular breast exams and tests.  She was in her 60s when she was diagnosed.  Unfortunately, I have two friends around my age of 41, who are currently battling breast cancer.  So…if you fit the age guidelines to have an annual mammogram I encourage you to get it done!  And maybe bring a bosom buddy – the more, the merrier!

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