Adopt a Dog from Mahoning County Pound and Get them Spayed/Neutered for FREE!

Rescuing dogs, really any animal for that matter, has always been close to my heart but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I was educated on how many shelters there were and how many adoptable dogs were being euthanized every day in shelters across the country.  One thing that has significantly reduced the number of dogs euthanized every year is a good spay and neuter program. Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them. 

Adopting a shelter dog is another way to help with the overpopulation of animals.  Many think that shelter dogs are damaged, ugly, unwanted etc. but the truth is any dog can and will have some type of issues throughout their life.  When you adopt a shelter dog you are not only adopting a new best friend, family member you are saving a life!  Miss Mae our shelter pup we rescued in December of last year is the cutest thing and though she had to adjust to our home after being in a crazy shelter environment she is so incredibly grateful for our love and saving her life.

Are you looking for a new family member?

One of my favorite bumper stickers that I have on my car is “Adopt don’t shop”.  So short and simple but worth millions when it comes to saving adoptable dogs that need a home!  Well if you are looking for a new puppy/dog I would encourage you to look at the 60+ adoptable dogs at the Mahoning County Pound located in Youngstown.  The amazing people at Friends of Fido work so diligently to provide care and to find homes for these dogs have started a wonderful program in hopes of saving the lives of these dogs. The volunteers at Friends of Fido work solely with the Mahoning County Pound and provide walks for the dogs 365 days a year, provide vet care for illness/injury, pays adoption/pull fees for rescues to take and adopt out dogs, pays for transports and pays and provides temporary boarding until a rescue is ready.  These people really do have a heart for the dogs at the shelter.

Friends of Fido is a pending non profit that dedicates itself soley to the Mahoning County pound dogs.

Right now Friends of Fido is sponsoring two adoption events; Black Beauties and Wild about Wednesdays!   To help find the 60+ dogs homes these events encourage future adopters the opportunity to not only find a new furry friend but to also have the dog spayed/neutered for FREE!  The Black Beauties program helps get the dogs that have the hardest time getting adopted in most shelters across the country, black dogs.  The media and peoples perceptions are that black dogs are vicious etc., and that is just not the case!  Right now at the Mahoning County Pound you can adopt a Black Beauty dog anyday the pound is open and have the dog spayed/neutered for FREE!  You must pay the small adoption fee of $50.00, you must provide the new dog with an indoor home and have a vet reference but to have the unconditional love of the new furry friend is so worth it!

With the Wild about Wednesdays program you can go adopt any dog from the Mahoning County Pound on Wednesdays and again have the new furry family member spayed/neutered for FREEas long as you can provide the minimal adoption fee of just $50.00, have a vet reference and provide an indoor home for the dog.  There are so many dogs looking for a loving home, could you be the hero they are waiting for?

Frank is a young male, medium size (20-25 lbs), Labrador retriever mix who is looking for a forever home-could it be yours?

Please visit the website here on to see the 60+ dogs looking for a new home, although going to the actual facility you would be able to see all the dogs available for adoption since new puppies/dogs are taken in daily.  You can also become friends with Friends of Fido on Facebook to see what events are going on, to volunteer and help the shelter and more importantly to adopt a new friend or send family and friends who are looking for a new companion animal to Mahoning County Pound.  I promise it will be so rewarding to save a life!

Mahoning County Pound

589 Industrial Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44509

589 Industrial Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44509

(330) 740-2205

The hours of operation are:



There are volunteers there during the week and are available to help you with any questions. The phone number for the facility is 330-740-2205 ext 1 or 2. If you cannot reach anyone at the number-please call 330-717-2151.

If any of you do adopt a new furry family member from Mahoning please share with us!  We at AOM love our pups and also love a good story with a happy ending!!



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