Keep Your Summer Tan All Year with Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan Self Tanner Review

Summer is about over. Kids are going back to school. The air is starting to feel cooler, especially at night. The leaves will start falling from the trees. And your beautiful summer tan will be gone like the lazy days of summer…or will it?  You don’t have to lose your summer tan, extend it all year long with Skinny Tan self tanner.

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Keep Your Summer Tan All Year with Skinny Tan

Now you can keep your summer tan all year long with Skinny Tan. Nobody will know the difference – although they may suspect you’ve been on some exotic beach vacations once winter strikes!

Skinny Tan is easy to apply and gives you a natural looking tan for about a week. Below, I’m starting to tan my arms with (too much) of the Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner. I always start with a lot and rub it in all over my arms and body for an even, non-streaking, non-orange tan.Applying Skinny Tan Self Tanner

Below is my skin after one application of Skinny Tan on the left leg and none on the right. Can you see how nicely my feet are tanned? One thing with other tanners that turns people off from self-tanners is that it is difficult to get a nice tan on feet and rough skin like knees and elbows. I’ve used several of the Skinny Tan products and have had natural looking tans all summer long – feet included.  For a darker tan, just apply a second layer. I prefer a gentle tan since I’m a red-head and shouldn’t naturally tan a deep bronze color.after and before Applying Skinny Tan Self Tanner

I was introduced to Skinny Tan self tanner earlier this summer and I’ve used it all summer long.  As a red-head, I’ve always longed for a gorgeous tan. I’ve spent the entire summer outdoors – at the water park with my kids, gardening, biking, and running. While my kids have tans, I’m usually still white. Of course I slather sunscreen on all of us to protect our skin from the sun, but I’d love a little color. Finally, this summer, I have a tan and I plan to keep it when Fall rolls around.

Skinny Tan offers several products to choose from. I like the Tan & Tone Kit because to comes with an exfoliator to use before the self tanner and their famous 7 Day Tanner. I usually apply after a night time shower, then let the tanner work its magic overnight. I wash the remaining bronzer off in the morning and reveal a beautiful tan. This tanner is amazing because it stays for about a week but it actually fades gradually over time so it looks natural. Nobody knows it is a “fake tan” at all.

For me, I feel like I look healthier with a tan. I know I feel better with a little color. I plan to continue my summer tan through the fall and into the winter. Having a tan makes me look and feel better. It’s easy enough to have a nice tan, so why not?  Plus, I’m sure we’ll be heading to an indoor water park once the weather cools, it’ll be nice to not be the palest, whitest skin in the park!

I’ve received compliments on my tan all summer long – especially since I’m a red-head! They are always surprised when they find out it is from a self-tanner and I always send them to the Skinny Tan USA website to order than own bottle starting at just $29.95.

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