Kids go Higher! Higher! with Backyard Discovery Swings

picture of Kids Swinging on Backyard Discovery Patriot Playset

Whenever my 3 year old daughter swings, she references her favorite book, Higher! Higher! by Leslie Patricelli. Swinging is a great time to imagine and have fun with your kids. My daughter’s favorite activity is swinging on her Backyard Discovery Playset by far! She runs to the swings when we go outside first.ย  Of course she loves the slides, the climbing, the sandbox, etc but her first stop is the swing.

picture of Backyard Discovery Glider
Backyard Discovery Glider

It is no surprise that her favorite book is Higher! Higher!. This is a fantastic book about a girl swinging with her Daddy. Her imagination takes her high as the trees, as high as tall building, as high as airplanes, as high as the moon, and to a baby alien who is also on a swing in outer space. The entire time, the girl ask her Daddy to push her “Higher! Higher!” with giggles. Elizabeth, my 3 year old mimics the book when we push her on the swing. We imagine what it would be like to swing as high as the trees, the clouds, and the moon. It’s a lot of fun. If you have a swing enthusiast, consider buying this book. Well worth the $10 price!

Kids of all ages love to swing

Kids love swinging on swing sets. We had some kids over to enjoy our Backyard Discovery Patriot playset and the swings were a happening place! Kids from ages 3-10 loved swinging together. I love that our playset can have 3 kids swinging at one time – safely! Check out this video!

Don’t you love it when your kids learn something and pride beams from their faces? When we first set up this playset this Spring, Elijah did not know how to get the Glider Swing going. He didn’t even know how to keep the speed up once I started pushing him. Now, Elijah, age 5, is so proud that he can go High on the Backyard Discovery Glider! Check out his skills with this video!

Pictures of Swinging Fun on Backyard Discovery Patroit

Not only does swinging build muscles in kids legs, confidence in new abilities, but strong imaginations!

picture of Kids Swinging on Backyard Discovery Patriot Playset
Kids Swinging on Backyard Discovery Patriot Playset
picture of Backyard Discovery Patriot Playset
Backyard Discovery Patriot Playset
picture of Backyard Discovery Swinging Fun
Backyard Discovery Swinging Fun

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15 thoughts on “Kids go Higher! Higher! with Backyard Discovery Swings

  1. Rose Habart says:

    Your little girl is adorable! That’s so cute that she references the book everytime she swings ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Laura Kester says:

    My daughter is 5, and she loves the book “Higher! Higher!” also. It’s not her #1 favorite, but way up there ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Stephanie Hodges says:

    We bought my baby daughter a swing that we attached to our back patio to keep her in the shade. She enjoys it so much. Loves playing peek a boo once her seat comes down from being in the air and tickling games as she comes towards us. My husband wants to build (he is an excellent craftsman) her a play set almost like that. These playsets are wonderful tools to a child’s development over all. I notice fear and confidence are a major things I see in children on the playground where I used to work. Many of these kids never been on teeder/todder or even monkey bars due to height. Great article and you gave wonderful insight of how great play sets like these can give such a positive into development; nonetheless, a little dip into our pockets at same time lol.

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