Laundry Made Simple with Arm & Hammer Power Paks

I’m a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to laundry detergents. I have a favorite brand, and really haven’t tried anything new for years. So when I was asked to review the new Power Paks from Arm & Hammer, I was ready to be unimpressed. Boy was I wrong! These powerful little packets make doing laundry simple, more efficient AND more economical. How’s that for a deal?!

Arm & Hammer Power Paks
Arm & Hammer Power Paks

Did you know that 44% of Americans incorrectly estimate the amount of detergent they need to use? That means that almost half of us are wasting detergent and money when we do laundry.  Not good, right? The Arm & Hammer Power Paks take the guesswork out of how much detergent to use – just grab a power pak, and pop it in the washer. The paks make doing laundry so easy! And, they work in regular and high-efficiency washers.  It seems like such a small thing to not have to measure detergent, but I tell you, it really does make laundry time more enjoyable for me.   Surprising to me, despite loving my favorite brand (and it sitting right next to the Arm and Hammer Power Paks), I have found myself reaching for the Power Paks every time.

Arm & Hammer Toss n’Done Power Paks

Arm & Hammer has been a trusted name in laundry detergent for years.  These Power Paks use the cleaning and freshening power of baking soda that Arm &Hammer is known for, but provide it in a new, more convenient form.  These power paks mean no more lugging around big, heavy bottles of laundry detergent…hooray!  The Toss n’ Done Power Paks are made up of unique, powerful micro-crystals that allow you to hold the power to clean an entire load of laundry in the palm of your hand.


Arm & Hammer Power Paks
Arm & Hammer Power Paks

The paks leave laundry smelling clean and fresh, but not over-perfumed like some other brands.

Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Crystal Burst Power Paks

Do you like to use a oxygenated detergent booster (like OxiClean) in your laundry? I know I do, especially with my kids’ often stained laundry. While loading the washer, I’ve spilled my big tub of OxiClean more times than I can count.  With Arm and Hammer Crystal Burst Power Paks, you don’t have to measure or spill anything. It is detergent and booster in one sweet smelling packet.  These fantastic paks combine OxiClean stain fighters, Arm & Hammer baking soda, and other active stain fighting ingredients.  The outcome is clean, fresh-smelling clothes.

These paks have gotten grass stains, chocolate drips, and plain old dirt off my kids’ clothes…Thank you Arm & Hammer!

Buy Arm & Hammer Power Paks

You can find Arm & Hammer Power Paks in the laundry aisle at grocery stores and retailers nationwide!

Arm & Hammer’s website allows you to sign up for special coupons, too!  Just click on the “Savings Center” button, and start saving.

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Win Arm & Hammer Power Paks

Arm & Hammer is giving away a prize pack including 1 Bag of Arm & Hammer with OxiClean Crystal Burst Power Paks – (24 count) and 1 Bag of Arm & Hammer Toss n’ Done Power Paks (20 count) – approx. $15.00 value.

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