Liver Detox Helped My Suffering Husband. Thanks Nutrivine Vitamins!

This past year my husband had a variety of odd ball symptoms including eczema around the eyes, double vision, pins and needle tingling, having his limbs fall asleep and occasional nerve sparks (that’s what he called it).

He went through a number of tests, and got himself all scared by reading too much on WebMD and was convinced it was MS.  The good news was that the doctors couldn’t really find anything besides a slightly elevated liver level, and that his nervous system was checking out wonderfully.  Oh, and that he has an astigmatism in his left eye causing the double vision.

So, all was good, no?  Not really- his symptoms would still cause him discomfort and occasional lost sleep, not to mention the fact of peeling skin around his eyes, how horrible to look at! (Sorry honey)

The engineer that he is (he jokes too often that he gave up engineering for lent one year and never went back- but I know better) he focused on what he did know- elevated liver levels- its the kind you get if you take too much Tylenol, or drink too much.  He has has an average amount of headaches and hardly drinks, so?  Who knows.

It turns out that there is indeed a connection between liver function and eczema- you can find it all over the web.

My husband turned to using a Liver Detox supplement of Barberry Root and Milk Thistle.  He tried out the Liver Detox plus Silymarin supplement from Professional Botanicals on the Nutrivine Vitamins website.

The eczema has not returned, but more amazingly the nerve issues subsided.  Also of note if he stops taking the supplement the pins and needles, limb sleepiness, etc… does come back in a small way.

So, can a liver detox help support your nervous system?  There’s no research, and I’m no doctor, and can NOT be trusted for medical advice but, from personal experience, it does.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Nutrivine Vitamins who provided us with the tickets for review.

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