Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May is “Lyme Awareness” month and the costs, in addition to symptoms and “prevention,” need to be understood by every citizen. In my former article, I explained the importance diagnosing Lyme in its early stages. “Prevention”and “The co infections” were mentioned as well. An undiagnosed Lyme patient not only faces diagnose hassles, they experience the high cost of “wrong medications,” wasted trips to the doctor and hospitals as well.

Herbs for Lyme Disease

Late stage Lyme costs a lot of money to treat. There are trial and error herbs running several hundred dollars a month. These herbal protocols are not covered under health insurance, because they are not approved by the FDA. Probiotics are a necessity and cost nearly $100.00 for a months supply. These must taken while on any antibiotic. The high quality is recommended. Many patients with chronic Lyme are taking as many as 15 different herbs as well as medications to treat their ailment. I, myself use ginger, t.o.a. free cats claw, vitamins, and cod liver oil. Digestive enzymes and reservatrol are part of my protocol as well.

Lyme Disease Detoxification Expenses

There are numerous internet marketers passing as “Lyme Experts.” They are very eager to take a piece of the “Lyme Neurotoxin” pie selling either cure books or “miracle pills” using psychological sales tricks. Methods of detoxification including, infrared saunas, baths with Epson salt and hydrogen peroxide are an extra expense.

An appointment with an acupuncturist, chiropractor, health practitioner, and other natural treatment centers may cost $100 per visit. Rife machines, costing several thousand dollars are used by chronic “Lymies” and not covered by health insurance. There are various scams that are promoted that prey on the desperate. Those costs must be considered as well. There are many people willing to cash in on “Chronic Lyme.” These are only the first round of expenses.

Conventional Lyme Disease Treatment Expenses

Many Lyme Literate Doctors do not take health insurance and an appointment can cost up to $700.00 for each appointment. The cost of longterm antibiotic treatment, lab tests,and testing for co-infections are  expensive as well. Many health insurance companies and the “free care” system in Canada are not willing to pay for “long term treatment.” Chronic Lyme is not yet recognized and long term therapy is considered “experimental.”

The news is that there is a drug being tested now that could possibly relieve Chronic Lyme patients of their suffering. There is a petition in Massachusetts being signed to revise the guideline of the IDSA . Meanwhile, patients are liable for most of the treatment for “Chronic Lyme,” leading many into bankruptcy.    Aside from this patients and doctors choose I.V. antibiotics, effective treatment centers, oxygen treatments and various other methods costing thousands of dollars per week.

This puts a burden on the patients and their families; and has the potential to be the root of the cause of lost relationships and families. Credit card companies happily charge the interest, late fees, and over the limit fees. They too get a nice piece of the pie.

Undiagnosed Lyme Disease

How are people able to pay for these costs themselves? Loss of work time, or loss of career to disability is very possible as mentioned in my previous article.    Some patients end up in wheelchairs forcing more financial burden on themselves and their families. This usually is a result of an infected patient being forced to a dead end search for a diagnose when, it was Lyme all along. Children missing school and losing their ability to play sports, and fulfill their dreams can be a result of “undiagnosed Lyme.”

Not only does “Chronic Lyme” need to be recognized, Lyme should never reach the “Chronic Stage.” People and doctors need to be on the lookout.  For more information, email the guest writer, Marc Merullo t and

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