How to Make Home Herbal Remedies Book

Many of us are looking for more natural products to use in our homes from cleaning to the food we eat to medications. I remember my mom would treat my siblings and I with home remedies that her parents and grandparents used when she was little. They didn’t run to the phramacy for loads and loads of medication combinations for everything. There are aisles after aisles of medications for every kind of ache and pain at stores, yet we have the power to treat many conditions at home with ingreients in our refrigerators and cabinets.

HomeHerbalRemediesbookI take care of my family to the best of my ability and I’m trying to go more natural, so I was happy to check out the Home Herbal Remedies book, it is a guide to home remedies with recipes, tips, and photos to help you along.

Book on How to Make Home Herbal Remedies

The Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies: Easy Recipes Using Medicinal Herbs to Treat More Than 125 Conditions from Sunburns to Sore Throats offers 68 different recipes for every age and stage of life – from babies to elderly – for colic to coughs.

With the cold and flu season here, I immediately turned to the section on herbal remedies for Coughs, Sneezes, and Sore Throats.

This section gives a variety of recipes for treating the symptoms from the common cold. There is a recipe to make your own cough syrup with ingredients like fresh horseradish root and honey. Did you know that horseradish can actually kill off bacteria, fungi, and viruses? It’s known as the “farmer’s antibiotic” for that very reason. Check out your cough syrup bottle, does it have horseradish? Do you even know what the ingredients on your cough syrup bottle even are?! I know I don’t!

Nasal spray does wonders for congestion. This book includes a simple recipe for a Sea Salt Nasal Spray made with a natural seas salt that isn’t treated with bleaching – hmm, I wonder if the nasal spray in my cabinet was treated with bleach?!


I like that this book not only gives ideas for great home herbal remedies but also includes a recipe with exact measurements, instructions on how to make the herbal remedy and pictures to show what it looks like. As a newbie to home herbal remedies, the pictures help a lot!

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