Maternity Must haves for Safety and Comfort

Pregnancy and Birth can be worrisome. There is so much to plan for and so many things to think about. While I’m not due until the fall but I am already talking to my doctor about my concerns and I have also found a lot of things that can help along the way. I thought maybe a few of these could help you moms out!

Staying Safe in the Car

When I was pregnant with my second child I was in a car accident. While it wasn’t a really bad accident I did have to be transported to the emergency room via ambulance. We were worried because when we impacted the lap part of my seatbelt slid up onto my belly and I was worried that my son was hurt. He and I were both fine but I hated having that happen.  So when I saw the Tummy Shield Seatbelt adjuster I knew I wanted to have one for this pregnancy.  While I’m not very big yet the Tummy Shield keeps both my baby and myself safe, it also is so much more comfortable! But you can use it for other medical issues as well like after a c-section, hysterectomy, gastric bypass, lap band, tummy tuck and more. Plus I love how supportive it is for my lower back!

Avoiding the Dreaded Tear…

This isn’t something any mom wants to think about and some soon to be moms might not even know about.  I luckily tend to have rather small children but many things can contribute to a tear during delivery. ( Big baby, Short Labor and Fast delivery, and more.) BabyIt Perineal Massage & Postpartum Comfort Gel is a must have for all pregnant moms! It comes with step-by-step directions on how to do perineal massage, but this gel can be used after your baby is delivered too! BabyIt is a safer than oils or other gels which can cause irritation to sensitive tissues. Available online at

OOPS Protection

One of the hard parts of having a baby is the post-partum part. I have heard of women using adult diapers during their post-partum recovery because the pads they get from the hospital are huge and bulky. But the bigger issue for many women comes long after delivery when their bladder isn’t so strong anymore. Some women dread sneezing or coughing for fear of leakage! D’Briefs has an easier more discreet option. Being completely machine washable and dryable (up to 100 times) and can hold up to 10 oz, without the bulk! Check them out here on Amazon!


Have you found an item that you consider a must have? Tell us about it in the comments below!!

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As a transplant to Ohio, Patricia is enjoying the calmer lifestyle to raise her family in. She has 4 beautiful children that keep her very busy, as does their 1980' home with all the updates it needs. When she has free time she enjoys painting, crafting, reading, writing, decorating and family fun.
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