Akron OhioMoms Blog Statistics, and Roadmap

2010 has ushered in a whirlwind of changes at AkronOhioMoms.  The blog puttered around in 2008 and 2009 as not much more than a hobby, it has truly taken off this year.  We’ve integrated social networking efforts, have engaged in thousands of dollars in giveaways (and more coming, don’t worry!), added two new authors- Thanks Veronica and Beth!

We would not be ANYWHERE without our great fans and supporters! Thank you!

Thanks Everyone for these exciting blog statistics!

  • Whether it be through RSS, Google Friends, Twitter or Facebook, we have nearly 2000 followers of our blog.
  • As of today, we have 9,055 monthly website visitors- our highest month to date so far!
  • We have 20,256  website page views for the month.
  • Our Bounce Rate is 62% (# of people that come just for one page)
  • On average, people read 2.32 pages per visit.
  • Facebook and Twitter continue to be important in driving traffic to our site- thank you all your facebookers and tweeters, it DOES make a difference!
  • Our blog continues to grow on all counts by 20-30% every month.

Average Blog Statistics

If you do a search for Average Blog Statistics- guess what- you will not find any.  I know that is crazy, but so few groups collect data on bloggers, let alone enough to figure out who is in charge.  So, although we consider ourselves anything but average, we feel posting this information could be helpful to other bloggers…. IF it is, leave us a note or friend us on Facebook and check back with us later to see how our numbers have improved.

Our Days on Google

Still, still, our blog has a PageRank of  just 3.  This is not where we want it to be, but, until we get a few more quality links under our belt, we will remain there.  Page Rank is important, but not that important.  On every post we publish, we make an incredible effort to craft it so it DOES get picked up by Google and the rest with Meta Tags, image tags, great keywords in our headlines and headers.  Although it is dependent on the brand, most of our giveaway partners find us on the first page of Google, and almost always ahead of all other mommy blogs.  With a couple of recent DMOZ references under our belt, this should upgrade soon, we hope!

AkronOhioMoms blog website traffic from search engines, as of today June 28th 2010, is right at 50%  of our total traffic.

Looking Forward

To be honest, all of the giveaways have been a lot of fun.  We love to receive those happy emails back from happy winners saying “I never win anything”, and “thank you thank you thank you!”  That’s why giveaways will be an important part of this blog.  You may notice that we’ve offered our first Mommy Blogger tool, the Giveaway Countdown, to other bloggers who have a need for such a tool.  This giveaway countdown really helps out YOU our site visitor in knowing what’s on deck this week, but also US in figuring out what we have to award and when!

Many of you have been following our Total Home Remodel Project.  Yes, this is indeed my house.  Why is it special?  Well this house has a beautiful location, and the exterior screams of Frank Lloyd Wright.  We’re moving walls, redecorating, and placing wonderful products in both the structure and design of the house onto our blog.  We hope to encourage you and inspire you to take on your own home remodeling TODO list!  It’s an exciting project, but it does take some time- this gives us excellent content for the next 2 years!

New Authors

Beth and Veronica are just getting started with product reviews and giveaways.  We do hope to see the number of giveaways that we offer double in the next 2 months- all this will increase our monthly average blog statistics as we pass the 10,000 visits/month mark.

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