My Moving Story: Entry 3

Moving to the country with the beautiful scenery, peaceful quiet, and lots of space for the kids to run and explore is why we moved from the suburbia. This is a good move for us, however it is not without inconveniences. The day that we signed our papers, last Tuesday, we tried to get settled into our home. I was cleaning the kids’ bathtub when the water disappeared. I had hoped that my husband had turned it off. We started cleaning up the well, adding new filters, and salt to the softener 3 days earlier on Saturday. I wish I had taken a picture of the disgusting water when we got here on Saturday. There was stuff literally growing in the toilet tanks full of brown water. Finally, we had the water running clear on Monday night. Then the pump broke on move-in day, Tuesday. So, cleaning and bathtime was out for the evening. By noon the next day, we had running water and a $1,700 new pump. It’s not until now, almost a week later that our water isn’t ‘country water’ anymore. The kids didn’t understand why it wasn’t clear so I told them it was ‘country water’. Elijah said “I don’t want Country Water, I want City Water!” I didn’t blame him!

After we found that we had no water to clean up with, I took Elijah to Kindergarten registration. He was very reluctant and scared. I assured him that this was for next year and that he could continue with this preschool for the rest of the year. He didn’t really believe me. Once we arrived at the school, everything was fine and we had a great tour of the school. I was a bit overwhelmed with emotions. My baby was going to be going to school next year and I barely knew how to get there!

So, getting around town is not as easy as I expected. In fact, I didn’t expect to have to change my normal shopping area. Now that we are 25 minutes from everything we know, it makes sense to switch to new grocery stores, banks, playgrounds, restaurants – everything. My hubby & I started our dating years in Montrose and have always lived just 5 minutes away from the conveniences it affords. I miss the familiarity more than I thought I would. It’s so frustrating not to know the roads around me and where they go, let alone all the handy short cuts around the traffic! It’ll take time, I know.

So, we are unpacking and getting quite organized in the past 6 days. I feel good about that. The kids love their rooms and especially their downstairs playroom. I’m happy that my kids are happy.

We have a lot of renovation that we want to begin promptly. Our remodeling list will take years to complete and includes adding a new front door, changing the kitchen and even its location, changing the direction of the upstairs stairs, new bathrooms, moving some walls in the kids room, and new carpet throughout (all 50’s shag right now).

My husband and I are quite the barters and will exchange any of the above products and services for an awesome website design with our company Bartering is alive and well in the US, surprisingly. We have bartered websites for condos on the beach, giant billboard ad space, carpet for our entire basement, magician for our kids’ birthday party, and so much more. If you know of a company that would like a website for any type of home remodeling service or product, shoot me an email.

So, we took a break yesterday after church. We explored our backyard and had a super fun time! The sun was shining and it was a great day to be outside!

Me & my happy kids.

Here is Elijah recreating his fall off the log into the little stream! I’m glad he at least had on his snow suit so he didn’t freeze immediately!

Elijah again when his boot got stuck in the snow. Can you tell he’s upset? Yea right, he was having too much fun. Do you have any idea why he’s had a cold for the past 4 weeks?! We had to end our adventure short in favor of dry, warm clothes!

Here is my sweet Elizabeth smiling her darling smile. She only requested a piggy back ride a couple times. It’s really hard to give a piggy back ride with snow suits and unstable snow-covered ground underneath! But who could resist that smile, she’s got us all trained!

So, life is all about adjusting right now. It’s good to know that we are at ‘home’ when we are all together as a family.

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3 thoughts on “My Moving Story: Entry 3

  1. trishden says:

    Enjoy your country life, you’ll get used to it. I feel for you with all of your construction plans. I’ve been in my log cabin for over 25 years and I still have projects to do. My out of work Electrician husband should look into the barter thing, my brother who has a furniture store does it all the time. Won’t be able to help you out though as we all live in NJ. The kids look like they’re having a ball, that’s a plus….good luck.

  2. Beth says:

    Cindy-glad to hear you are settling into your new home:) You will get used to being farther out from montrose. When we sold our condo we moved about 20 minutes from Montrose. It took a while, but I started to learn my way around Macedonia. Enjoy the weather this week-its perfect for “country living”!

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