My Moving Story: Part 2

Well, life has changed plenty since I wrote the last entry on my moving story. We were getting nowhere with the short sale home so my hubby and I decided to hop online to see what else was out there. We found an interesting house with a great piece of land and nice square footage. We jumped in the car, drove through the down pouring rain, through the foggy valley, to our new home. One look and I knew this was going to be our home. This was Monday.

We met with the realtor the next day, which was Tuesday with my father-in-law who owns GoodLife Remodeling and knows what to look for in a home. We made an offer within 30 minutes! We had made an offer on the short sale house 3-1/2 weeks earlier and had no response. We had a YES response the very next day (Wednesday) with this house. I really believe that God was in the finding of our new home.

We had to move out of our home on Saturday. We had some great family and friends helping us move during what the weather forecasters were calling “Near Blizzard” conditions! The home owner of the new house said we could move our stuff into the house! This was just 3 days after the offer was accepted! We stayed with family for a few nights. We moved into our new house on Tuesday, just 1 week after we first saw the house! Can you believe it?!

I’ll post more soon on how life has changed with the move, including our expensive $1700 “country water”, finding new places to shop, learning how to get around with new roads and routes, registering for kindergarten, unpacking, and beginning the whole house renovation.

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2 thoughts on “My Moving Story: Part 2

  1. sarah b says:

    it has got to feel so good to have found the place you are supposed to be! we are waiting on a short sale and have been waiting since Dec 5th. Our lawyer says we should hear something in the next 2-4 weeks. so hopefully soon I can be writing a ‘moving story’ on our blog too!

  2. Deb Schneider says:

    Wow! Congrats on the new home. I’m curious about your country water. That’s the one thing that doesn’t cost us anything as we have our own spring and water system. Well, usually it doesn’t cost us anything. But nursing along a home water system is not fun! Plumbers do NOT like to work on them.

    It took us about 2 months to realize that we had to contract for garbage pick up (we were hauling our trash back to our unsold house in Columbus every week!!! How dumb is that :). There are some other things that are different about country life, but after 11 years, we love it still. Hope you do too!

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