Natural Floor Cleaner and Odor Eliminator that Work! Aussan Natural Review

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I am moving my family toward a healthier lifestyle with natural products. For some reason, I’m still very skeptical about a product’s ability to clean when it is natural. A product really has impress with: intended ability to clean, scent, and price.

I was recently introduced to Aussan Natural products. Their products are all 100% Natural, No Man-Made Toxins, and Hypoallergenic. They offer cleaning products for every aspect of your life including home care, baby care, pet care, sport care, auto care, and marine care.

Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate Review

We have Tarkett solid surface floors throughout the majority of our home.  When I mop the floors, it takes a lot of time! Since we have a large dog, live in the woods, and my kids have allergies, I sweep and mop the floors often. I need a product that cleans well without a sticky residue. I like a product that leaves a nice shine and requires no rinsing too! My previous floor cleaner left the floors shiny but full of chemicals. When my 3 baby nephews come over to play, I don’t want them crawling on unsafe floors.

I was able to review the Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate: it is harmless to people, pets, waterways, and environment. Perfect! Plus, they promise that it is able to tackle toughest household cleaning – all with botanically derived ingredients.

picture of Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner
Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner

I tried the Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner on my laminate flooring first. I was so impressed with the results. It left No residue! Next, I mopped my kids rooms (Tarkett Fiberfloor), and bathrooms (Tarkett vinyl tile).

All that was left behind were clean, shiny floors.  The cleaner had just a hint of lemon smell, which I think leaves a room smelling clean and fresh. The cleaner is a concentrate so you only use 3 oz per gallon of water. I can see that this bottle will last a long time. I am really pleased with the results.

Now that I know it cleans well, I had to find out why it was so healthy for my family. Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner is:  ammonia free, artificail fragrance free, bleach free, dye free, petrochemical free, sodium lauryl suflate(sls) free, and phenol free.

Did you know that phenol, a common ingredient in floor cleaners is toxic? According to National Institutes of Health, it is toxic and can rapidly be absorbed by the skin causeing damage to central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs, and kidneys. I tried to find this ingredient on my other floor cleaner but was shocked to see NO ingredients listed! So, who knows! I do know that Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner doesn’t have phenol in their products.

The Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner passed my test. It cleans very well. Has a pleasant light scent. It cost only about $10 a bottle. And the Bonus, it is made with pure botanical ingredients, not harmful chemicals.

Buy Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner

You can buy Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner for $10.99 on the Aussan Natural website. They offer free shipping on orders over $30. It is also available on

Aussan Natural  Room Odor Eliminator

I don’t use air fresheners in my home. I’m super sensitive to smells, so I can’t. Plus, I just had the thick floral scents. Having an odor problem is no fun either. With a large dog, we do have times when we could use an odor eliminator, like when he comes inside from the rain and smells up the house with that wet dog smell.

picture of Aussan Natural Room Odor Eliminator
Aussan Natural Room Odor Eliminator

I agreed to try the Aussan Natural  Room Odor Eliminator, although I wasn’t sure if I’d really like it or use it much. Lucky for me, my garbage can in the kitchen smelled. I say lucky because it was an opportunity to try the odor eliminator out.

I sprayed the Aussan Natural Room Odor Eliminator in a sweeping motion (as directed) around and inside the garbage can. At first, there was a light some-what sweet smell and I thought “Oh no, I’m not going to like this!”. Then, the scent disappeared AND so did the odor! Wow, that was unexpected! The Aussan Natural Odor Eliminator did just what it promises, it neutralizes smells by targeting odors at the source.

Now, whenever there is an unpleasant scent, just one spray of the odor eliminator and it’s gone. Aussan Natural Room Odor Eliminator is ammonia free, artificail fragrance free, bleach free, chlorine free, dye free, and phthalate free. Did you know that the EPA says Phthalates are found in air fresheners and labeled it as a “chemical of concern.” Aussan Natural products don’t have  phthalates, so it’s one less thing to worry about for your family, pets, waterways, and the environment.

Again, this product passed my test (to my surprise)!

Buy Aussan Natural  Room Odor Eliminator

You can buy Aussan Natural  Room Odor Eliminator for $7.99 on the Aussan Natural website. They offer free shipping on orders over $30. It is also available on


Visit Aussan Natural on Facebook and follow Aussan Natural on Twitter.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Aussan Natural who provided the products for review.

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