Never Lose Everyday Items or Your Phone Ever Again with Cube Tracker

I don’t know about you but I lose things all the time – important things like my keys, purse, phone, or my kids’ medical kits. It is the stuff we use all the time that have the most chances of getting misplaced or lost – and exactly the things we can’t afford to lose.  I use my husband’s hone to call my phone all the time when I lose it. I’ve thought so many times how nice it would be to be able to ‘call’ my keys. Now I can find all my essential with the Cube Tracker.

The Cube Tracker is a small tracker that uses bluetooth technology and an easy-to-use-app that helps you find everyday items quickly.

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Never Lose Everyday Items or Your Phone Ever Again with Cube Tracker

You can tag anything with the Cube Tracker – your keys, purse, bags, diabetes or medical supply kits, camera or camera bag, etc. Download the Cube app, then Ping your Cube through your mobile phone via Bluetooth technology. The Cube works within 100 feet of your phone.

You can even find your smartphone by making it ring even if it is on silent by pressing the button on the actual Cube. I LOVE this feature – it’s like having two trackers in one unit!

The firs thing I used the Cube Tracker on was my keys. We have a hook in the hall for our keys, my husband is very good about always putting his keys there but I’m not so good at it. My keys can be found in my jacket, purse, on the counter, anywhere! Now, I never have to rush around the house in a frantic search for my keys on my way out the door every again. What a stress relief! Not being stressed over looking for keys again is such a big deal for someone as forgetful as me.

My kids are type one diabetics, this means that they must have and use their blood glucose meter multiple times daily. It is difficult to keep it attached to them 24/7 which means things get misplaced or lost often. Last week, my son was at his church small group meeting. When he came home, he didn’t have his meter. We can’t live without that meter. There is no alternative as it is what we use to test his blood, and tell his insulin pump how much insulin to deliver. Losing this is a huge deal. He thought he knew where he left it but wasn’t sure. Thankfully we had the cube tracker.

We went back to the meeting place, and hit the app. It led us quickly, and safely to his diabetes supplies. What a HUGE relief!!! We could have spent hours or days looking for this without the tracker!

If your item that has a Cube attached is really lost, over 100 feet from you and you just can’t find it, you can mark the Cube as “lost” and anyone within the Cube network can let you know if they find it via a private message! Talk about having the best solution to never losing anything ever again!!

It takes your selfies for you.  This is a unique feature to be hidden in the tracker. You can open the camera within the Cub Tracker app on your phone and then use the Cube as a remote shutter button. Set your phone up and then click the button on the Cube from anywhere to take a remote picture – or large group selfie, etc.

Another thing that I like about Cube is the long battery life. One battery can last for up to a year! And when you need to replace it, you don’t have to buy an expensive battery from the company, it uses an ordinary battery that you can pick up anywhere.

Buy our own Cube Tracker on for about $25.

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