Organic Fertilizer that Works! Fish Rich Review

picture of Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer

This Spring, I went to an organic gardening seminar with Beth at the Basket of Life Farm she blogged about. After learning how easy it is and the benefits of organic gardening, I decided to give it a try this year. One key element to organic gardening is using an organic fertilizer and feeder, which I learned at the seminar.  I’ve written several posts about my garden this season and the benefits of raised gardening. Much credit to the health of my vegetable and flower gardens is due to Fish Rich, a 2-3-2 Organic Fertilizer.

Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer

Bell Aquaculture is our country’s largest yellow perch farm. They are known for their sustainable fish farming operations. They use the leftover fish products in their processing center to create Fish Rich, a totally organic fertilizer.   Why fish? Did you know that Native Americans used the same technique centuries ago? It is an all-natural, organic way to fertilize your gardens.

Why is Fish Rich good for gardens? (taken from Bell Aquaculture website)

  • Natural way to fertilize flowers, vegetables, lawns and house plants
  • Will not burn leaves or roots.
  • Increases garden and flower blooms and stimulates growth.
  • Can apply by topical or foliar application through leaves, or through the root.
  • Supplement nutrient supply in soil.
  • Corrects yield-limiting factors.

Fish Rich is good for any soil type or condition. It provides the essential nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, and Pathogens.

picture of Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer
Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer

Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer Review

If you have been following my gardening post, you may have noticed a huge increase in growth between week 3 and week 5. You’ll also see during week 5 a side by side comparison of my tomato plants planted both traditionally in ground and in the raised garden. The spike of growth was so amazing after I used the Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer. It was like they grew overnight. I could see noticeable changes in just a few days on our pepper plant.

picture of We use Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer on our Pepper Plants
We use Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer on our Pepper Plants

Plus, according to the seminar I attended, fish fertilizer keeps deer away at least for a few days due to the fish scent. The scent is mild and only noticeable upon application.

I highly recommend Fish Rich and will never go back to chemicals to fertilize my gardens.

How to Apply Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer

Fish Rich can be used on indoor house plants, outdoor plant, tree, shrubs, lawns, vegetable and flower gardens. Be sure to follow the instructions for application on the bottle and mix well.

A little goes a long way. For outdoor Plants, Trees and Shrubs, use 1/8 c. per gallon of water. Apply until soil is saturated. For 8,000 sq feet of lawn, use 1 gallon concentrate mixed with sufficient water to cover 8000 sq. feet. Feed monthly during
growing season, and again in fall. This is an inexpensive way to have healthy grass that is safe for your kids and pets to play on! For gardens, use 1/2 gallon of product per 1000 sq. feet 3 times during the season.

Buy Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer

You can buy Fish Rich on the Bell Aquaculture website, 1 Gallon is $25.95 or 1 quart is just $8.95

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Fish Rich who provided the product for review.

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