Listen to Music While Still Hearing Surroundings with Open-Ear Headphones

Have you heard about open-ear bone conduction headphones? It is a kind of headphone that doesn’t go over your ear, so you can still hear your surroundings. They use bone conduction technology that transmits sound vibrations directly to your cochlea through your cheek bones.

What an amazing idea!

It is perfect for staying safe and alert to your surroundings whether you are at home, or running on the road, or hiking a trail, or at work.


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Panasonic Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones Review

The Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones with Reflective Design by Panasonic were made for busy moms – or anyone really!  It makes it safe to enjoy music while doing any activity where you need to be alert to your surroundings.

When I wear regular headphones while doing yard work like mowing, raking leaves, or shoveling the snow, I often take my headphones off to check on my kids because I can’t hear a thing with my regular headphones on. I’ve even missed hearing the UPS truck pull up and my dog barking once when my back was turned to the driveway.

Now that I have these Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones, I never have to worry about my safety or that of others in my care because I can hear all of my surrounding sounds while enjoying my music. We all know that music makes any chore more enjoyable from shoveling to exercising to cleaning the house!

I’ve never worn a pair of headphones that don’t go on my ears! It was so amazing to me that I could have the headphones go on the bone in front of my ears. I could hear the music perfectly while still hear my kids calling for me from the other room! OPEN EAR EXAMPLE 2_400

I immediately thought of applications where these headphones would be perfect! I can now clean and hear if the doorbell rings or my kids call for me. I can go jogging and still hear my surroundings whether it is a car driving up behind me on the road, a bike passing on the left, or a barking dog chasing me. I can shovel the driveway while my kids build a snowman and my dog runs wild through the snow. I can even work on my computer and not miss a call, delivery, or my husband (who also works from home) talking to me.  These headphones really make it a lot easier to enjoy music while staying alert and safe.

I’ve found the headphones to be very comfortable too. The band goes behind your head to the back of your neck instead of at the top of your head. This makes it very comfortable and versatile. They fit me, my husband, and even my 7 year old daughter’s head.


Don’t worry if you were these headphones out in the snow or even the rain because they are water resistant too. This is great since I’m sure I’ll be using them while shoveling or snow blowing this Winter! This is just another great Panasonic product that can help your snow days this Winter to be a little more enjoyable!  Check out our Snow Day Pinterest Board for great Snow Day Activities for both indoors and outdoors and Recipes that can be easily prepared in a microwave or toaster oven. Panasonic also helps make the chore of snow shoveling a little more entertaining and not so painful too.

You can buy the  Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones with Reflective Design RP-HGS10-P on the Panasonic website for $79.99 with FREE Shipping for a limited time. They are available in green, white, and pink. They make a great gift for any music lover on your Christmas list.

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