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Some expecting mom are worried what they will look like in the 1st photos the day their new baby is born.  Standard hospital gowns are not the slightest bit pretty nor do they fit well. With both my boys I have photo where my hospital gown is halfway down my arm because they are always so big on me. PatientStyle recently sent me a designer nursing gown and a pair of anti-microbial socks with non-slip bottom  to use when I deliver.

Lilli Rue gown and socksI received product to facilitate this post.

What is a Designer Nursing Gown?

A Designer nursing gown by Lillie Rue is a classy way to stay covered and look good while you are enjoying welcoming your new baby into the world. These gowns are made for a ultra soft knit fabric. They have a hidden center slit  and are snap and tie free! PatientStyle has them available in two colors green print or pink print.

Lilli Rue

Why do I Need a Designer Nursing Gown?

Well NEED is a heavy word here. For me I can’t tell you the number of time I unintentionally exposed myself while attempting to nurse in the hospital. Even with my 2nd child it was cumbersome to deal with the hospital gown that never stayed up or closed. So in short you don’t NEED one but trust me you will WANT a designer nursing gown.

Warm toes
Nice Warm Toes!!

Why I should I have Anti-microbial Socks?

I am a nursing assistant and anyone in the medical field will tell you that hospitals are germ filled places. When I had Kelton, I brought a pair of slippers to wear but I couldn’t wear them in bed and my feet were cold. I didn’t want to walk around barefoot either but did it a few times when I had to go to the restroom. It made me feel gross. This time around I will have these super soft anti-microbial socks on and I will know that I don’t have to worry about the germs or cold feet.

Tie gown
The Tie Gown, Provides full backside coverage.

What If I am not Having a Baby But Still Need a Gown?

Don’t fret PatientStyle has you covered. They offer many other gowns, a tie gown, an IV gown a modesty gown and a mammography top. PatientStyle will keep you looking good and feeling covered! The nursing gown and socks would be a perfect gift for a new mom! You can buy one here.

This was not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you to PatientStyle for providing product for this review.

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