Fight Shoe & Sports Gear Odor with Arm & Hammer

Now that kids are back in school and sports have started back up, one thing remains true. Stinky shoes. Now that the sandals are put away and sneakers are worn 8+hours a day, it’s time to get ahead of the sink problem. I’ve used ARM & HAMMER™ products over the years with great success. I’m excited about their new ARM & HAMMER™ Sport Collection because it uses baking soda and other neutralizing ingredients specifically for active people and sports equipment.

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My favorite is the ARM & HAMMER™ Sport Gear & Shoe Refresher Spray. It’s quick and easy to spray footwear with this heavy-duty odor defense formula – any stinky shoes will be history. Trust me! I’ve been using it for weeks now with great success. I spray it in all the shoes in our coat closet that is right next to the front door. I don’t want the first smell when you come into my house to be of stinky shoes!

You can also use the spray for shoulder pads, helmets, gloves, cleats, and other large items that can’t be washed. It doesn’t just cover up the smell but it neutralizes it, absorbing the sweat and moisture that cause the stink. Their Fresh Guard® technology destroys odor caused by sweat upon contact

You can even get the spray into hard-to-reach spots because of the unique trigger cap. It can actually spray upside down into inside skates, cleats, helmets, on yoga mats and more.

They even have a new ARM & HAMMER™ Sport Body Powder that is as part of this Sports collection. It uses baking soda to neutralize odor and wetness while keeping your skin cool, dry, and comfortable and has a fresh, invigorating scent.

The ARM & HAMMER™ Sport Collection is available in the foot care aisle at select Walmart stores, and on and Amazon.

Another product that I like is their Odor Defense Foot Powder.

It uses Arm & Hammer Baking Soda on your feet to neutralize odor to absorb moisture & sweat. It’s a great preventative way to fight foot and shoe odor. Plus, it’s using all natural baking soda – NOT talc! Find it on

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