Give the Gift of Comfort and Beauty to a Breast Cancer Survivor with The Brobe

brobe review breast cancer robe review

1 out of 8 women get breast cancer. Chances are high that you or a friend or family member has or will have breast cancer. Last year, I had 3 friends diagnosed with breast cancer. I don’t know about you but I feel helpless when I learn that someone I love has to go through the pain, uncertainty, and stress of breast cancer. My earnest prayers are for them and their families. I usually send a card, bring meals, babysit, etc but still feel helpless. I wish I could do more…

Although meals, cards, flowers, and prayers are appreciated, there is another item that can help your loved one get through the tough recovery stage. The Brobe the FIRST bra + robe combination designed for breast cancer recovery made to be worn before, during and after recovery. Give your loved one comfort during recovery with a beautiful, luxuriously soft robe designed for her needs.

brobe review breast cancer robe review

This high-end mastectomy recovery bra and robe is ultra-soft modal cotton to comfort and pamper your loved one during this painful time. The Brobe is more than comfort, it offers added convenience of easy IV access and pockets to hold ice.

brobe review breast cancer robe review brobe review breast cancer robe review

The Brobe is stylish and fits all body types, so giving as a gift is easy.  It is the best combination of comfort, style, and functionality to pamper your loved one and show them how much you care about them. Check out this quick video on how to use the Brobe.

The Brobe gives back to those affected by breast cancer, donating 10% of Brobe robe sales to

Simple things like taking a shower aren’t simple post-surgery. The Brobe Shower Belt makes showering easier. It can hold 4 post-operative fluid drains as well as fluid vials. The Shower Belt sits around the waist while you shower, allowing water to flow freely through the pocket.

brobe shower belt

Not only is the Shower Belt helpful for those recovering from mastectomy recovery but also other surgeries like open heart surgery, organ transplant, plastic surgery, appendix removal, and more. The Brobe Shower Belt comes in a variety of sizes for both women and men.

I wish breast cancer was a thing of the past and I believe that with advancements in cancer research, there will be a time that it is a thing of the past. However, please consider gifting a loved one with Brobe to help ease the pain and transition post-surgery.

Check out all of the Brobe offerings on the Brobe website.

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