Is it Too Early for An Orthodontist Visit?

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Being proactive in any health-related issue is never a bad thing. Getting a headstart on things like a visit to the orthodontist could save you thousands of dollars in the future for your child’s dental needs.
The #1 thing to always do is visit your pediatric dentist twice annually (and moms, you should do the same with your dentist!) to keep your oral health in top condition. If your dentist notices any changes, he will direct you to a specialist, like an orthodontist. Our dentist, Dr. Adam Pollock has kept a close eye on all my children’s dental needs. He always gives us the time we need to go over each visit, including checking out those x-rays of our children’s ever-changing mouths! For my kids, he has said it is basically up to us at this point because their teeth are coming in straight but we have the option of visiting an orthodontist.
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One thing that I love about our relationship with Dr. Adam Pollock in Cuyahoga Falls is that I can trust him and his advice. My kids have seen him since they were toddlers, he’s carefully watched the development of their teeth over the years. I trust his recommendations for all oral health and his recommendation of an orthodontist – so much better than doing a google search! If you don’t have a pediatric dentist, check him out. He and his friendly staff will help set up a first appointment and he’ll be happy to recommend an orthodontist if your child would need one.

Like I said, catching orthodontist needs early could save thousands of dollars in future dental issues but don’t just take my word on it.

Jaw issues especially are much more easily fixed when children are young,” says Dr. Stuart Frost, an orthodontist and author of The Artist Orthodontist: Creating An Artistic Smile is More Than Just Straightening Teeth.  “This includes imbalances of the muscles of the face along with tongue and tooth-positioning problems.

Just like catching a cavity before it becomes a problem, it is easier to correct skeletal jaw problems while your child is young before their teeth grow in to minimize your child’s teeth from coming in wrong.  In fact, if you wait until around 9 years old, it may already be too late to fix orthodontist problems easily because by then, the seam in the roof of the mouth fuses into solid bone which would make it nearly impossible to widen the upper palate from side-to-side if that is something your child would need. If you address orthodontist needs early, let’s say by 7, then you can address the problems before they even happen. For instance,  the upper jaw can be more easily expanded to create the space needed for all the teeth to come in, he says.

At such an early age, how can you know if your child needs to see an orthodontist? Besides noticeable teeth alignment issues, things like snoring, sleep issues, teeth grinding, and bedwetting could indicate an airway issue.

Waiting even a few years can have a lifetime impact,” Dr. Frost says.  “By the time the child hits 11 or 12 years old and the adult teeth are coming in, the problems multiply. If we can fix the issues while the child’s bones are still developing, it will be easier and a lot cheaper to accomplish instead of after all the damage has been done.

By addressing orthodontist concerns early, you could avoid more serious issues down the road including breathing problems, immune system issues, increased allergy problems, and jaw alignment problems.

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