Do You Grind Your Teeth? Have TMJ or Bruxism? Try this Inexpensive Mouth Guard for Relief

If you grind or clench your teeth at night, you know the pain of sore jaws and headaches in the morning. You may even have worn down teeth, neck pain, or shoulder pain as a result of grinding and clenching your teeth. Maybe you have been diagnosed with TMJ or Bruxism and have headaches, neck pain, jaw soreness and pain, and shoulder pain too.

I was happy to find a product that addresses teeth clenching, teeth grinding, and TMJ with a FDA approved product that cost a fraction of the price of expensive $800 mouth guards. GrindRelief

GrindRelief is a remarkable invention that is easy to wear as it is only 1/3 the size of bulky horseshoe-shaped bite guards. I personally love this because the larger mouth guards would make me gag.

GrindRelief is tiny and only worn on your front teeth. It’s Central Power Bar causes nerve reflex to reprogram muscles and reduce grinding or clenching.


My mom has TMJ and has had many mouth guards over the years to help with terrible pain associated with her clenching her teeth at night. One system required her to spend hundreds of dollars and have the guard adjusted every 4-6 weeks 2 hours away from our home. We spent many hours and thousands of dollars as a result.  She continues to experience jaw pain, unbelievable ear pain, shoulder and neck pain even with expensive mouth guards. I am sending her a GrindRelief as a gift for better health.

As an adult, I’ve experienced similar pain but have not been diagnosed with TMJ. I clench my teeth at night when I am stressed. The pain last all day long. My jaws lock causing terrible pain, giving me a lot of anxiety that my jaws will stay locked for an extended period of time. It’s horrible. Thankfully my teeth clenching only happens when I’m very, very stressed and not daily.

This inexpensive device relieves muscle by 70 percent! Most people find relief after just two weeks of use. Not only does it relieve pain and pressure but many people sleep better as another benefit.

You can purchase GrindRelief for only $79 on the GrindRelief website or at Target, Walmart, CVS, and on It is guaranteed! If it becomes worn within the first 3 years of use, they will replace it at no charge.

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