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I love supporting local businesses especially when they have the best product on the market.  GOJO Industries from Akron, Ohio are the makers of Purell brand hand sanitizers.  They offer a variety of different kinds of sanitizers to meet your desired application. For me, it’s always my go-to because they kill 99.9% of germs while leaving my hand feeling clean – not sticky and smelly.

We’ve all had to use a variety of hand sanitizers during the pandemic – in stores, doctors’ offices, at work, at home, everywhere. If I happened to leave the house without my own Purell, I regretted it every.single.time. Nothing compares to Purell.

The pandemic isn’t over and viruses will always be around, it’s best to be prepared now.

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Purell has a new innovation of Advanced Hand Sanitizer 2-in-1 Moisturing Foam in a pump bottle. I love this because I use hand sanitizers alot and trust it to kill 99.9% of germs from my hands while leaving my hands feeling amazing – soft and clean.

If you would rather use a more natural product, check out Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Naturals with Plant Based Alcohol. It uses a naturally derived alcohol using essential oils and natural skin conditioners. Their products are 2X better than national brands of natural hand sanitizers. It is available in a large bottle pictured above, pocket size pump pictured below (perfect for keeping in your purse!), and a travel size pictured below in the article to attach to your keys, purse, or lunch box.I like that Purell has many kinds and sizes of their hand sanitizer so I can have some with me at all times. I keep smaller 4 oz sizes in my car so I always have it with me but it doesn’t take up too much space. Their Travel Size Flip-Cap Bottle of Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizers are the absolute best because they are so small and attach to just about anything. There is no excuse for not having advanced hand sanitizer with you at all times. I keep one on my keys, my husband’s keys, and my son’s keys. I add it to my kids’ lunch bags.

I put them on their backpacks (I can’t believe my daughter has had this backpack for 7 years!).  If your kids have easy access to hand sanitizers, they are more likely to use it! Or help out a friend that needs it.Another really good item to have on hand are their Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel Travel-size Packs.  They are perfect to keep in your purse and to share. Keep a pack on your work desk or send a pack for your child’s teacher to have on hand. I keep them in my fanny-pack for when we go on a hike or at Cedar Point. They are quick and easy to use, giving you the perfect portion every time.

I think we’ve all learned how important it is to keep our homes clean during the pandemic. I know I’m extra cautious now. One thing that I’ve always been super cautious of since my son was in kindergarten 12 years ago is to only use food-safe sprays on surfaces that come in contact with food. I learned as a parent volunteer at my son’s kindergarten that not everyone knows or does this. Kids were eating snacks at their desks and the teacher was using harmful chemicals to clean those desks. I swapped that spray out with a food-safe spray immediately!

Now, Purell has a Multi Surface Spray that is safe to use on food contact surfaces with no harsh chemicals. Every home and classroom needs this to be sure! It kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria – including COVID, flu, strep, norovirus. There are so really awful viruses going around the schools already this season, it’s good to get into the habit of clean counters, faucets, light switches and other high-touch areas at home to keep the germs from spreading!

Sometimes you need more than a hand sanitizer gel, you need a wipe to remove dirt and grim. I love the Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes. They are alcohol free and chemical free so you can use it on your hands. This is another very common mistake – people use CLEANING wipes on their hands adding dangerous chemicals to their skin. Don’t do that. Use a product designed to be safe and gentle on your skin that contains NO harsh chemicals.I always have Purell wipes in my bag, purse, and in my car.  They clean my hands thoroughly and leave my hands feeling clean and fresh without residue. Check out all the Purell products on the GOJO Purell website and at the Purell Store on to get your family stocked up on LOCAL Purell.

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