Easy Mom Me Time Ideas to Keep You from Blowing a Gasket

mom me time ideas

As busy moms, we get stretched sometimes beyond our limits with caring for our children. We all live such busy lives just taking care of our families, trying to be the best moms to our kids. Many moms proudly boast about just how busy their schedules are with all of the sports, clubs, and activities that their children excel in.  Families today hardly have time to enjoy a nightly family meal time together, so how are moms supposed to have time for me time?

Why Moms Need Me Time

If you don’t want to turn into the stressed-out mom, you need to take time for yourself. You don’t want to be the mom that finally blows a gasket when life gets to be too much. OR worse yet, actually land in the hospital with chest pains or another stress-induced medical condition.

We have all heard the saying that to take care of everyone else, you have to take care of yourself. This is easy to say but it’s hard to find that time when you have babies and little ones at your feet 24/7 or have children with special need or work full time while caring for a family. Let’s face it, it is hard to find me time. Mom me time may be as simple as stashing a delicious treat and snuggling up with a comfy blanket to read or watch tv after the kids go to bed.

Mom Me Time Ideas

Easy Mom Me Time Ideas

So, you probably won’t be able to take time for a spa day every week or month – but if you can schedule one in a couple times a year, your body and mindset will thank you!

For me, mom me time is more practical moments that I can slip away to be ‘me’ without the need to care for others. Me time might look completely different to you than it does to me but the key is that mom me time is a time that you take to recharge, be yourself (not mom, wife, daughter, employee, etc).

Watch a movie or binge watch a couple episodes of your favorite tv series – if you have a tv in your bedroom or basement then great, otherwise you may have to actually schedule this time away from the family’s tv set. I’ve found catching a quick episode on my kindle works great for me time.

Take a nap – have your husband or friend take your kids to the park so you can enjoy quiet rest.

Connect with a friend – call or meet up with a friend for girl time.

Take a walk or run – Taking a walk in the park or run is great for both your body and mind.

Go to library – go to the library without stepping foot into the children’s section. Pick up a book or magazine to take home or enjoy the peace and quiet and read there.

Read a book – set aside time to read a book in your room or outside in the quiet. This can include reading daily Bible devotions that many choose to read before the start of the day to get the day off on the right foot.

Learn something new – If there is a skill you’ve always wanted to learn or technology that you’ve been dying to learn, now is the time. Many libraries offer free classes or sign up for one of those elective classes that you always wanted to try at a local college.

Scrapbook or print photos – Print some photos that are clogging up space on your phone and put them in a photo album or scrapbook.

Go Shopping – Treat yourself to a new outfit or purse or hit up some yard sales.

Discover your city – Everyone is guilty of not taking advantage of the entertainment in their own cities. Make plans to check out local attractions, museums, farmers market, theater, parks, and shops. NE Ohio is full of fun things to do solo or with your family.

Salon or spa – I highly recommend getting a massage and full spa day once or twice a year, however your normal hair cut appointment can be me time when you add something special like a blowout, styled hair, nail polish change, or mini facial.

Get Crafty – Finally complete one of those crafts you’ve pinned in Pinterest! Whatever your specialty, make time to work on your favorite craft or hit up thrift stores to repurpose furniture and decor.

Get lost on social media – Set aside 1/2 hour to catch up on social media to enjoy checking out what friends and family are up to – just don’t let this time run into your time with your kids – nobody wants to grow up with only memories of their mom on their phone 24/7.

Unplug from it all – Ever watch the Andy Griffith show where they sat on their porch and chilled? Sometimes just doing nothing is best of all – turn your phone off (not vibrate), sit back and enjoy nature and do absolutely nothing.

Treat Yourself – Indulge in mommy snacks that won’t hurt your figure like Fiber One bars. This indulgent treat is rich in flavor but you won’t regret it because each serving offers 20% of your daily fiber needs at only around 90 calories.

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Most people don’t get enough fiber, adults should have 28 grams of fiber every day but most only get 16. Adding Fiber One bars to your diet gives you an easy extra 5 grams of fiber to keep you regular and help you feel better every day.

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Mom Me Time Ideas

Fiber One has a whole line up of sweet treats that are perfect for me time, anytime as they give you 20% of your daily value of fiber. Choose from brownies, cheesecakes, cakes, cookies, and more.

Their new Fiber One Protein Nut Chewy Bars offer an indulgent combination of chocolate, pretzels, and nuts. YUM! This is in addition to their other rich flavorful bars.

Mom Me Time Ideas

Check out the Fiber One Pinterest page for indulgent ways to spend mom me time.

How to Get Mom Me Time

Finding time for mom me time can be a challenge, especially if you are a mom with little ones. Establish a routine early on that includes time for yourself. This may mean putting kids to bed earlier at night so you have more me time before bed. This may mean getting up a few minutes earlier before the house is awaken for the day. Me time may require a babysitter or it may happen while your children nap or watch a cartoon while your watching from them another room.

Me time doesn’t have to be hours at a time, even 5 minutes of me time can give you what you need to recharge so that you can be the best woman, mom, and wife to all those that depend on you.  Carving out time for yourself will help you feel recharged and ready to take on whatever the day throws your way. A little mom me time may be all it takes to keep you from being stretched beyond your limits and blowing a gasket.

Keep up the good work, moms!

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