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My husband has terrible, awful no good FEET.  No they don’t smell, but he’s cursed with some bunion issues, and arches that allow his ankles to pronate inward.  He just can NOT go barefoot anymore.  He only takes his shoes off for bed and the shower.

He’s had the misfortune of breaking one of the bones in his feet from improper footwear a few years back, and has all sorts of rituals to try to keep in good his feet in the best condition possible. He should have upgraded his running shoes long before but didn’t.

So, when we heard about the custom Orthotics company Upstep, the personal attention and options they offer as a web-based company, I thought we just had to try it.  He’s had some basic custom orthotics before, but they’ve been wearing out.  Perfect timing.

Before I tell you how absolutely pleased he is with his new custom orthotics, let me tell you how it works-without a doctor visit.

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Ordering Upstep Custom Orthotics Online

When you place an order with Upstep.com, you get to tell them all about your target shoes, what sort of pain you have, and how you intend to use your new custom orthotics.  Whether you are a basketball junkie, a soccer player, or just a busy mom running around the grocery store, they have a unique product built for you.  Their website shows they’ve put a lot of research into various types of materials that are layered into an orthotic.

Sorry, yes, back to process.  Once you place your order, you receive a two-box foam set for an impression.

To get the form of your foot you press your feet into each panel.

And then you send the box back to them in the pre-addressed, pre-paid return packaging.

Upstep uses 3D technology to scan the footprint, the orthotics are custom designed based on your specific requirements.  Within a couple of weeks, you receive a box with two brand new orthotic inserts.  My husband was SUPER excited.  A custom  orthotic, dear reader, is an insert that replaces the standard insert in your existing shoe.  It is conformed to the exact shape of your foot, and supports your foot exactly where it is needed.

The custom orthotics that my husband requested was their general offering- and not meant for any specific sport.  He’s not running around playing baseball anymore (ahem, or ever) so the base version was perfect for him.  He bought some new shoes for the occasion.  Nothing special – just a pair of shoes that felt roomy enough to accommodate the little extra height of the orthotic.  When he got home from the store, he ripped off the ‘special built in cushioning’ in the shoe, rubbed off the residual glue and readied his new shoe for this orthotic.

Now, this is totally unrelated, but my husband hurt his back very recently, so we visited the Village Square Chiropractic with Doctor Luke Flynn (he just purchased the practice and HE IS AMAZING).  We showed him the new insert and asked what HE thought.

These look great!  They seem amazingly flexible, not like the hard plastic kind I so often see with my clients.

So, a thumbs up from the guy in which we trust our alignment- that made me feel very good about Upstep.

The orthotics were perfectly sized to his shoe size.  Upstep gives you the option of sending them the exact make and model of your target shoe for a perfectly targeted fit, but, it wasn’t a big need for my husband.  He figured he could trim the ends by hand if he had to.

But, everything fit perfectly.. Wonderful!

There’s honestly not much to see when a person is wearing a custom fit orthotic.  They’re not taller, they don’t lean any different way, but, well, I suppose you can tell if they are smiling.  My husband is smiling.

With his Upstep Orthotics under his feet, my husband feels like his feet are perfectly cradled, that they’re not falling, and that he can walk so much farther than without them.  His pain is average daily pain is greatly relieved, and honestly, he won’t go anywhere without them.. He’s more attached to them than me it seems.. So… I guess that’s good? 🙂

Upstep custom orthotics can help a number of foot pain and medical conditions such as heel pain and arch pain, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, metatarsalgia, heel spurs and Posterior Tibial Tendonitis.  The good news is that Upstep custom orthotics are 35% to 50% cheaper than the cost of similar orthopedic products offered by podiatrists. Plus, once they have your footprint, it is saved in their database so you can order additional orthotics for up to 5 years.

Place your order for custom orthotics online today on the Upstep website.

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