Sick Day Survival Kit for Kids + Type 1 Diabetics

Everyone seems to be sick right now. My son said that there are about 5 kids from every class absent this week at school. Colds, the flu, and other viruses like RSV are spreading across Ohio and through our schools. My kids were sick last week with colds, I was so glad that I was prepared with my Sick Day Survival Kit so that I could take care of them without running the to Target first!

Sick Day Survival Kit for Kids + Type 1 Diabetics

My kids have Type 1 Diabetes, so the intensity and severity of any sickness is multiplied. I have to fight their symptoms right away or their blood sugar levels spike! Based on their symptoms, I turn to either Robitussin or Dimetapp first. If they have a fever, I reach of Children’s Advil.SAM_1658

This is a sponsored post for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and 20th Century Fox. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Target has a Sick Day Survival Kit on their website with everything you need to get your child feeling better fast, including a fun movie from 20th Century Fox! If your child isn’t sick yet, head on over to their website to quickly pick out the medications and a movie so you’ll be prepared when they do. I’m not trying to be negative here, I don’t want your kids to get sick but I want you to be prepared if they do!.

I really like Children’s Dimetapp Cold & Cough for when my kids have the typical cough, runny nose, and stuffy head kind of cold. It really likes relieve the pressure of a stuffy head while clearing up the runny nose and watery eyes.

My kids are miserable when they have runny noses, so Dimetapp helps fast soothe their symptoms fast in a good-tasting flavors. I also like that it doesn’t affect my kids’ blood sugar levels at all. There is only 2.10 mg carbohydrates per 10 ml (2 tsp) which is the serving dosage for kids ages 6-12. Be sure to have plenty of tissues with lotion in them to help their noses too.

SAM_1621When my kids have a cough with a lot of mucus and chest congestion, I reach for Children’s Robitussin DM. The expectorant really helps the coughs to be productive in eliminating the mucus and chest congestion.  This product has 2.33 carbohydrates per 5 ml or 1 tsp. 1 tsp is the dosage for kids ages 4-6. My kids are in the 6-12 age range and require 10 ml, which is still only about 5 carbs.

When my kids are feeling better, their blood sugar levels are more stable. When left untreated, the stress and pain of coughing, runny noses, and congestion can really spike their blood sugar. In fact, I can usually tell when they are coming down with a virus days before their bodies start exhibiting symptoms because their bodies release stress hormones that makes their blood sugar levels to go higher.

Another thing that always sends my kids’ blood sugar levels high is a fever. A fever can wreak havoc on their blood sugar levels. I treat immediately with Children’s Advil because it works faster to bring fevers down as well as providing pain relief. I also like that it lasts up to 8 hours so it will keep their fever down all night (or day) long so they can rest. There are 3.19 carbohydrates in 5ml. SAM_1651Be sure to have a working thermometer or two in your Sick Day Survival Kit too. I like to keep one in the kitchen and one in my kids’ bathroom so I always have one easily accessible. Check your child’s temperature regularly. If your child has a fever of 101°, contact your endocrinologist for further instructions. If the illness escalates, your doctor will ask for temperature readings.

Even though my kids are getting older at ages 10 and 12, the one thing they like most is time with mom. Snuggle up with a soft blanket (wash daily) and pop in a movie (or two!). This is a great way to get children to rest while getting over their sickness. If you can plan ahead with a movie that they have been wanting to watch, it is even better. SAM_1583In Target’s Sick Day Survival Kit, they have several really fun movies kids love including Ice Age Collision Course, The Sandlot, and The Peanuts Movie. All are perfect choices for snuggling on the couch on a sick day or for family movie night.

20th-century-moviesIt is vital for your child to drink plenty of fluids while sick so they don’t become dehydrated. If you are diabetic, drink at least 1 cup per hour while you are awake. Dehydration which can lead to new or worsening nausea and vomiting.  If your child has a fever or is throwing up, drinking something with electrolytes will help replenish the body and help them to feel better too.

Since my kids are diabetic, I have to keep in mind how many carbs are in each drink. Of course water has 0 carbs, add fruit to make it more enticing if you can’t get your child to drink water.

I like Gatorade’s G2 products because they contain electrolytes and are only 8 carbs per serving compared to 22-40 for ordinary Gatorade. We also like Swiss Miss Light Hot Chocolate because it can be made with just water for only 4 carbs per serving. Tropicana has an orange juice called Trop50 that is only 13 carbs per serving compared to 30+ and contains no artificial sugars.

SAM_1648Some say there is no proof that Vitamin C can help prevent or reduce the severity or duration of the common cold. Others say that Vitamin C can help reduce flu and cold symptoms by 85%. Either way, I reach for Vitamin C products when any of us are sick because it is good for the immune system. I reach for Trop50 at only 13 carbs per cup, available with no pulp or some pulp at Target. I also give my kids mandarin oranges because they are easier to peel for kids, taste sweeter, and only 10 carbs per serving.SAM_1631Here is the not so fun but most important part of our Sick Day Survival Kit for Type 1 Diabetics. It is essential to keep track of your child’s blood sugar levels, continue to take insulin, and check for keytones. CONSULT your doctor for Sick Day Instructions.SAM_1612

Check your child’s blood sugar levels every 2-4 hours while they are sick. If they are high or low, check more often. My doctor’s advice is to give insulin corrections via a syringe if your child uses an insulin pump if blood sugar is over 200 mg/dL until their blood glucose level is under 200 AND keytones are negative. If you cannot get above 80 mg/dL, call your doctor, you may be required to go to the ER.

Be sure you have a valid tube of keytone test strips as many expire 1-6 months after opening. Test for keytones if your child’s blood sugar is over 240mg/dL. Call your doctor if you find keytones for further instructions.

Throughout the day, keep the spread of germs with frequent hand washing and disinfectant products. Use a disinfectant spray or wipes to clean all surfaces your child touches including remotes, handles, light switches, and toys.  Spray a disinfectant to kill germs in the air. Wash blankets and bedding daily, if possible.

SAM_1616Having the above items really helps when sickness strikes your home. Shopping online or in store, Target makes it easy to keep everything you need on-hand for your family during those Sick just got real.™ moments in your home.

Be sure to download the free Target Cartwheel app to get coupons too. Right now, you can get 10% off Pfizer Pediatric products and select 20th Century Fox DVDs at Target through February 20, 2017!

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