Top 4 Fun Facts About a Foam Mattress

I believe sleeping should be fun – filled with comfort and style. There are so many ways you can achieve this fete, but primarily, you ought to put more focus on the kind of mattress you purchase. There’s nothing as disturbing as an uncomfortable sleeping surface that pressures you, getting you to make hundreds of movements in a single night just to get some comfort. After a tiresome day, for most, sleep should come into the picture as hassle-free and really enticing. It is this kind of sleep that makes one look forward to face each morning and in turn, long for the coming night.

I have taken it upon myself to review my preferred choice of mattress – the high quality viscoelastic, or what is now known as the ‘memory foam mattress.’ The responsiveness and softness make it the better option for most people as it also is adaptable to different sleeping positions. But what exactly do you know about foam mattress? How far does your knowledge extend? What is it you don’t know about this amazing piece of artwork? Let’s dive right in and take a look at the modern foam mattress.

1. The History

Most people know the foam mattress as it is today; few have any idea where the whole concept came from. It all goes back to 1966 when NASA engineers decided to invent a material that sought to make their pilots and astronauts much more comfortable, especially during long flights. The plan was to make up something that adapts to any shape sitting on it – bringing about responsiveness to both heat and pressure. After creating it, they called it ‘slow spring back material’. This was through a combination of gas and polymer matrix.

Slowly it was commercialized and released to the public in 1980.

2. Best Feature

The responsiveness levels are top notch to say the very least. This refers to the average time taken by the mattress to regain its original shape and size, once pressure and heat have been taken out of the equation.

In average conditions, it is estimated that the bed will conform to your shape in about 5 to 10 minutes after laying on it.

However, it takes much longer when the room temperatures are lower. The opposite holds true – when exposed to heat, it tends to be less viscous, hence, more responsive.

The responsiveness applies to people with all sorts of sleeping positions. Nevertheless, the contouring brought about by foam mattress makes it especially useful for side sleepers – see best foam options for a side sleeper.

3. Low Maintenance

Did you know how easy it is to maintain a memory foam mattress? With an antimicrobial and hypoallergenic material, finding dust is not an option. What’s more, there is no need for detergents in case of spillage. Take a damp cloth with dish soap – it will ultimately do the trick.

For it to last longer, it is recommended to be placed on a solid foundation like a box spring or a slatted platform.

4. Fits a Variety

It supports a majority of sleepers with different positions; the back and side sleepers to be more specific.

As if that’s not enough, it has minimized motion transfer and hence comes as the perfect fit for couples. According to a review on – memory foam picks, it stands out as the ideal mattress for couples who like it ‘soft and tender’.

Due to their high standards and quality, memory foams are usually associated with high costs. You might feel a strain in your pocket especially if you’re looking to invest according to your pocket limitation. However, some wise persons once termed cheap as really expensive. Take time and save up for quality and go for something that will last and give you protection health wise.

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