What To Do if You Have a Concussion

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Recently, I’ve had family and friends suffer from concussions. My cousin had a tree fall on her, leaving her with a concussion. A family’s friend’s daughter fell off a bike and has a concussion. Another friend’s son got a concussion while playing soccer. All those noted above were not UPMC patients.

concussion by fallen tree
concussion by fallen tree

After having this enormous tree knock her to the ground, my cousin is lucky to be alive. We are thankful that her kids were not in that part of the yard and didn’t get injured.

fallen tree accident

Accidents happen no matter where you are or what you are doing whether you are relaxing at home, playing sports, or in a car accident, there is no way to 100% prevent concussions. The good news is that concussions are treatable in the right hands. Active treatment approaches are effective and can lead to a full recovery.

concussions are treatable

If you suspect a concussion, see a medical assistance, do not continue the sport or activity that injured you. A concussion is when the neurons in your body suffer an “energy crisis” so you don’t want to risk additional injury as this can result in more severe symptoms and prolonged recovery. Seek a medical professional that is trained in concussions – not all doctors are trained to treat concussions. UPMC is a leading authority in comprehensive concussion evaluation, treatment, and research, located close by in Pittsburgh, PA.

Most children are involved in sports, whether at school or after school. Check out this short video on Chelsea’s soccer accident. It shows how quick attention can lead to recovery.

Each concussion is different, UPMC offers individualized treatment plans based on your needs and goals for recovery. UPMC uses a multidisciplinary team approach to get your or your child back to their sport, school, and other activities quicker.

UPMC team approach to treating concussion

Even with the team approach, UPMC understands your busy schedule, especially if you are traveling to Pittsburgh for treatment; whenever possible they schedule all of your appointments for the same day and usually in the same building. Depending on your needs, you may go home with at-home treatment or need a follow-up appointment or two.

UPMC treats concussions in Pittsburgh, PA

The first step for treatment of your concussion is to be seen right away for a concussion assessment. A concussion can be difficult to diagnose based on when symptoms occur and how the injury happens. If a concussion is not treated appropriately and completely, you leave yourself more vulnerable to re-injury. UPMC conducts five types of evaluations to determine the best individual treatment plan for you or your child.

UPMC concussion assessment

UPMC provides proven treatments and evidence-based rehabilitation therapies. This individualized approach to concussion and the ability to use a multidisciplinary team to return patients to normal lives has changed the course of the injury.

People from all over the country travel to Pittsburgh for the UPMC Concussion program. Luckily for families in the Akron, Ohio area, it is less than a two-hour drive, a small trip for excellent care.

For more questions about the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion program, or to schedule an appointment, call 412-432-3681.

3200 South Water St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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