Out of the Woods – A Graphic Novel about Depression FOR GUYS

Out of the Woods book on depression and anxiety for men

Life, is just not perfect.  I am blessed to get to write about wonderful things, wonderful events, and beautiful places and people.

All positive all the time.

But life isn’t all roses.  Life gets hard.

My husband has been going through a hard time, he’s been a little depressed, and I can tell he’s been anxious and such too.  It’s by no means anything life threatening, but as he’s kind of hidden himself away from people, and just plain down.  Just like everyone else, he has his own tough things to get through.  But life has gotten to him as of late, and he’s let it affect him too.

I’m thankful that he talks to me and tells me his feelings.. You’d think he’s a millennial or something.. ha ha…

Anyway, I was asked to take a look at a book.  Actually, it’s a graphic novel.

Out of the Woods book on depression and anxiety for men

This is a sponsored post.

Out of the Woods – a Graphic Memoir to help people understand and overcome depression and anxiety…

This beautifully illustrated book is simply one man’s journey through and out of depression.  It talks about how he felt in a very relatable way, how his situation affected those around him, and about what ideas worked and what didn’t work on his road to recovery.

The book makes offers simple descriptions on how depression reinforces negative pathways in the brain, suggests how to objectify them, and really lets the reader know that this is a condition, not just something that defines a person.

Out of the Woods book on depression and anxiety for men

So, here’s the thing, my husband grabbed the book right away and read it within an evening.  He was looking for help.

The book talks about everything from dietary supplements, to therapy, to getting enough sleep and exercise, to socializing and dealing with anxiety attacks.

Once he was finished, my husband flipped through it with me, telling me what affects him, and what didn’t, and telling me his plan to getting better.



I mean, this is just a hardcover comic book.. Is it  supposed to do that?  Can reading about someone else’s issues solve your own?

You know what? It’s been a week, and life has already been a little sweeter, a little more lovely, and a lot less anxious.

If a man in your life is having a hard time, if he feels down, reclusive, anxious and the like, and if he just needs a little nudge, this book is well worth the cost.  The purchase is cheaper than a half hour of therapy, and might just change your life.. and his too.



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