Your Body NEEDS Pure Synergy this Winter #ShareTheHealth

If there has ever been a winter that we need to take extra care of our bodies and minds, it’s this winter. We have to be proactive with our health or we’ll be reactive with medical bills and medicine. We get out what we put in. Sometimes though, it is hard to get all the vitamins and nutrients from our foods alone. That’s where Pure Synegy, an all-natural vegan line of organic vitamins and supplements comes in! Below are our top picks for 2021 Winter and beyond!

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Pure Synergy offers a collection of over 40 superfood powders, herbal and algae extracts, and whole-food vitamins.

Pure Synergy Superfood is a powder that you can add to water, juice or a smoothie for vibrant energy, mental clarity and focus.

This superfood powder includes over 60 organic mushrooms, fruits, veggies, and supergreens to bridge the gap between the nutrition you get from your foods and what your body needs to improve your immune response, support healthy aging, and more.  In my opinion, if you are going to add just one vitamin to your winter regimen, this is it and you should use it year-round.

Pure Radiance C is perfect to help boost your immune system this winter. It is a synthetic-free vitamin C is rich in antioxidants and easy on your stomach. This is a capsule but they also have a powder.

Along with the much-needed immune support this winter, Pure Radiance C also help give you glowing skin and a healthy heart and cellular function.

Super B Complex is an amazing capsule for women that provides all 8 essential B vitamins.  I love it for healthy hair and nails!

It is also good for helping you with energy (another thing we moms need extra doses of!), stress relief, and supports a healthy nervous system.

Cell Protector is what you need for ‘cell’ insurance for optimal well-being. This is another must-have, year-round product.

Cell Protector uses 18+ of the planet’s most powerful, organic antioxidants and detoxifiers for healthy liver function and glutathione regeneration (master antioxidant)  and protects from the effects of everyday pollution & other environmental exposures.

Enzyme Powder supports your immune system as well as gut microbiome. This product helps the food you eat to energize you.

This is a great product for everyone but especially those with occasional discomfort and bloating from food. Enzyme Powder is for digestive support and offers optimal nutrient absorption. It may also help support a healhty inflammation response since it contain nattokinase.

Pure Synergy offers products to support you and your immune system to keep you in peak condition this winter and beyond. Check out all their products for your specific needs on the Pure Synergy website.

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