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zerowater home water filter

I often talk about the importance of drinking water – men need 13 cups a day, women 9 cups, and kids vary with ages. Water is vital for good overall health.

More importantly than quality is the quality.

How clean is the water you drink?

How safe is the water you give your children to drink?

How pure is the water you mix formula with for your baby?

You may be giving your family water that contains dissolved solids like chlorine, lead, chromium, nitrate, nitrite, fluoride and more. This goes for both well water and city water. Do I dare mention Detroit?! Thousands of people were giving their children water filled with not only high levels of iron but dangerous amounts of lead!

You can find out how safe your water is by the zone you live in – or better yet, use a water meter to test like I did. I was astonished and disgusted to see my water had a rating of 375 dissolved solids! (Detroit had 180 dissolved solids.) P1530693YIKES! To be honest, it doesn’t taste too bad – I’d hate to see the levels of water that taste horrible like the city water my brother and sister’s home have!

So, maybe you have a filter in a water pitcher like I’ve had. Most water filters that you’ll find at retailers only clear out dissolved solids to 115 level.  What level of dissolved solids in your water is safe?! I’d rather have 0 and I get that with  ZeroWater products. ZeroWater filters removes 99.63% of all total dissolved solids based on EPA certified lab tests, measuring 000 ppm on a digital water meter.

Only ZeroWater offers a 5-Stage Ion Exchange Filter that removes virtually all total dissolved solids in water.


It is the only gravity-fed filtration system on the market that provides safe water at home that matches the TDS levels found in purified bottled water. This 5-stage filter is the only pour-through system that is NSF certified to remove lead and other heavy metals!

ZeroWater offers a variety of products to give your family pure, clean water with this 5-stage filter technology.


I recently received the 23 cup dispenser for my family. I can’t tell you how excited I am that we are drinking more water than ever! I refill the dispenser about 1-1/2 times times a day – that means my family of 4 is drinking at least 9 cups of water every day.

zerowater home water filter

I fill my kids’ water bottles up every morning – about 16 oz each and they drink it while at school. I fill their Drink in a Boxes with the water for their lunch – about 6 oz. We also drink water at dinnertime and they keep a cup by their bed at night (mommy’s habit has carried over to them!). Drinking water is important for everyone’s health.

We’ve always enjoyed ZeroWater but not to the extent that we do now because there is always plenty of filtered, cold water in the fridge waiting. I love that I can fill up both of my kids’ water bottles and still have plenty of filtered water left in the fridge in the morning. I don’t have to wait until the water filters through for the next bottle. I simply fill the dispenser up with 23 cups at a time and leave it to filter in the fridge.

I even have my 23 cup ZeroWater dispenser out on my counter for parties. It saves money on bottled drinks and everyone comments on how delicious our water is.

ZeroWater for parties

I’ve also enjoyed the 8-cup pitcher for years. We even did a taste test for that review, there was no mistaking the difference in water quality and taste!

picture of ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher Hands On Test

I use the personal tumbler every day for filtered water wherever I go.

Zero Water Tumbler

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