The No-Pull Dog Harness Solution that Works!

Do you have a dog that PULLS on the leash? Every dog we’ve ever had pulled and pulled no matter how much we tried to train them.

We just rescued a dog. A real rescue. Sammy was starved, left inside without exercise or bathroom breaks outside, and wasn’t walked.  The previous owner had a choker on her in order to keep her from running away – even with the choker, she would pull, lunge, and try to get away. They even had 2 leashes on her so she wouldn’t use her parkour moves to get away. :(

With a lot patience and plenty of food, she’s strong again. She’s small but all muscle and a little crazy – she’s a rescue, bless her heart.

We quickly took the choker off her and switched to a harness that the previous owner used and it worked for a few days until we noticed her skin behind her legs were raw! What were we going to do?! We couldn’t let her run free because she would definitely run away – she’s all fight or flight from the abusive situation she was rescued from. I pulled out the Blue-9 Balance Buckle Neck Harness that we use for our other dog, Cali.

Wow, just wow.

We’ve had Sammy for 4 weeks. She went from lunging and getting out of any leash or harness to a much calmer dog that can easily be handled and taken in public with no worries. Even my 13 year old daughter can handle her – with one hand.

This harness fits so much better than the old one she had – there are 6 adjustment points to get a customized fit for any size dog – we all know that just like people dogs have different shapes. I love that there are 6 places that I can adjust the harness to fit my dogs perfectly every time.  Especially for our new dog Sammy whom we’ve nicknamed, Houdini since she can get out of any collar or harness!

You can see that there are two places for the leash to attach, giving you optimal control. It doesn’t pull around her neck at all! It doesn’t rub against the back of her legs at all. Because it doesn’t go around the neck or up against the legs!

Look at this happy – and wet – dog. She’s transformed 100% over the past 4 weeks. I know that we could not even consider taking her on walks without the Blue-9 harness and leash. I’m not exaggerating in the least. I wouldn’t want to take her with a regular collar or choker collar in public because she would literally injure her throat – she was at that point with the previous owner. I couldn’t use the old harness because it rubbed her legs raw. I don’t know what I would have done without the Blue-9 harness.

Sammy goes everywhere with us now. I’m confident in how secure this harness is. My kids can easily handle her – I know she doesn’t look big but like I said, she’s a Houdini. She would get out of anything before. She was afraid of everything, she wanted to run away and hide. Now, she’s confident. She likes her walks. She loves exploring her new world and we are having fun showing her all the best trails and parks in Summit County!

If you don’t purchase the multi-function leash that attaches to the two hooks on the harness, you can still use this harness with one or two points with your favorite leash. When we are hiking through our woods in the back, we can get away with just one hook on the harness.

It is no surprise to me that Blue-9 has been rated #1 for the third year by Whole Dog Journal! It is the must-have dog harness!This is not like ordinary dog harnesses – especially not compared to the one that rubbed Sammy’s legs raw!  The harness fits well and secure while give dogs full range of movement without any chaffing.

Walking with your best friend shouldn’t be painful for you or her, it should be an enjoyable experience. Now, Cali and Sammy can walk without pulling – making it a more pleasurable experience for us humans! And, they can walk without being choked by pulling on a traditional collar or chaffing and being rubbed raw by old fashion harnesses.

We love our walks in the parks, streams, and on trails!

If you love your dog and walks and would like a no-pull solution, I highly recommend Blue-9 Balance Buckle-Neck Harness – available in numerous colors and sizes and Multi-Function Leash. Check out all their products, including training tools on the Blue-9 website.

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