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GPS Dog Collar Fi Review

We love our dogs like they are part of the family. We want to keep our dogs happy, healthy, and safe. I never thought I would need a GPS dog collar until I was introduced to the amazing benefits of the Fi dog collar! This indestructible dog collar keeps tabs on your dog’s location with GPS tracking, keeps track of activity levels, alerts and helps track a lost dog, and so much more!

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Fi GPS Dog Collar Gives Your Dog a Better Life

I love the peace of mind the Fi GPS Dog Collar gives my family. At all times, we know exactly where our dog, Cali is. If we are on vacation or have a dog walker, we can see where Cali goes. If she wanders past her safe zone, we can track her. If she ever gets lost, we can find the exact location through Fi.  1.2 million dogs are hit by cars and killed each year.  That is a hard stat but even harder reality if you’ve lost a dog this way as my family has, it’s devastating. Often, this happens at night when drivers can’t see the dog. The Fi dog collar has a flashing light that helps keep them safe but even better, the GPS location will help you find your dog and bring him home safe!

The Fi dog collar is sleek, durable, water and weather-proof, and dog-proof. This dog collar is going to last!


Fi Collar & Connectivity


Fi comes with an easy to use mobile app that’s available on ios and Android. You can see where your dog is 24/7 with a satellite or Google map view.

Not only that, it’s smart! I love the high tech benefits of having a GPS dog collar. You may question how it works.  The Fi dog collar connects to GPS, Bluetooth, Fi charging base, and the Fi app. The collar will connect via Bluetooth first to your phone of the base if it’s in range, and GPS if out of range.  It runs through a low-power LTE connection that won’t run the battery down.

You set up the Safe Zone and then get alerted when your dog is out of the safe zone. You can have multiple safe zones if your dog visits locations often, if you travel, etc. I love the peace of mind the Safe Zone gives me, if Cali wanders out of her safe zone, I’ll know! Plus, I can customize the zone to make it smaller or larger, depending on where I want my dog to go.

Dog Collar with Lost Dog GPS Tracking

Having a lost dog is one of the scariest things. My parent’s dog likes to run off, he’s been lost twice over the past few years. Once, he was gone for 3 days and found less than 1/2 mile away. The other time, he was ‘lost’ for 12 hours, hiding in the back yard.  With the Fi collar, your dog will never be lost! If your dog leaves his safe zone, you’ll get a text alert. Then, every few minutes, you’ll get an update of where your dog is located!

And if he’s really lost, there is a 24/7 lost dog team in place to help. Fi uses both GPS and LTE-M to track lost dogs. You can also turn the dog collar’s light on from the app for added visibility if it is dark.

The lost dog feature makes this GPS dog collar worth it all!

Activity Tracker Dog Collar

Our dog, Cali has always been overweight. We are working on getting her healthy with vitamins and homemade dog food. We try to take her on regular walks too. What I’ve been most impressed by with Fi is their activity monitor.  It’s like a Fitbit for your dog!

Now, we can see how many steps she takes every day, compare with previous days and even compare with other dogs. What we’ve noticed most is that we are talking about how many steps Cali has taken so far each day and how we can get her to her goal! You can set the goal based on dog size or create your own goal. With the activity tracker, we are making extra trips outside to play with Cali, take more frequent walks, and in the end, we have a healthier dog. We are aware of when she’s been extra lazy with the Fi collar, before, we had no clue how little she moved! Not only is it getting our dog more active and healthier, but it is making the whole family more active because we want her to reach her goal! We can even watch how many steps she takes when we aren’t home! Or, if you have a dog walker, you can see how long of a walk they are really taking your dog on – through the steps tracker and GPS location. 

GPS Dog Collar with Great Battery Life

You may worry that a dog collar with so many high-tech functions that you’ll be charing it every night like you do your smartphone.  We use to have a dog-training collar that needed charged at least once a day, oftentimes we would have the collar on charge instead of on the dog because the battery was dead – so ineffective. The beauty of Fi’s rechargeable battery is that it can actually last up to 3 months on a single charge!!! That’s 20X longer than other smart collars.

Doggie Social Network

My kids have a bigger social calendar than I do. And now, with Fi, my dog could too! ha! Seriously, Fi enables dog parents in the same area to sync up and plan activities, such as going to the dog park, together.

Buy Fi GPS Dog Collar

You can purchase the Fi GPS Dog Collar on the Fi website for $149 in either yellow and grey. Join their mailing list for a Fi discount code of $15 off your first order! You will need a GPS Subscription Plan to access the 24/7 nationwide GPS-LTE tracking and Lost Dog Emergency Alerts, starting at $99/year. You can use the collar at home without a plan with limited features.

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