Your Adventurous Dog Needs this Waterproof Collar

I often tell my kids that if they don’t come inside dirty from playing outside that they aren’t doing their job. They sure do get dirty, even muddy at times!  I guess our dog follows Elijah and Elizabeth’s example because she can find mud even when there is a drought! She is an adventurous dog and loves to get dirty in the yard, while hiking with the family, and swimming at the local dog park’s lake. muckonedge

I received product to facilitate this post.

If your dog is just as adventurous, you need a Muck Dog Collar like our dog has. It is amazing for adventurous dogs because it is 100% waterproof and odor-free because it is made with a special flexible coating that doesn’t allow dirt, mud, and other grossness to get absorb! muckondog

I love that the Muck Dog Collar doesn’t absorb moisture, dirt, and especially bacteria – who knows what our dogs roll in, I know one thing, it’s nasty! Just run the collar under water and it’ll come clean every time.  No more smelly, dirty looking collars!

It’s durable too, even for dogs that like to pull while taking us for a walk, like mine.muck-high-key

The Muck Dog Collar comes in sizes small, medium, and large with 6 different styles – find one that suits your dog’s style best. Buy it on the Kurgo website for only $15 and on

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