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Pure Luxe modern pet food review

Our ‘modern pets’ get less exercise than previous generations. With busy work and after-work activities, our dogs spend a lot more time alone, at home or at doggy day care. Because of this, their nutritional needs are different. PureLUXE Pet Food has created a line of dog and cat food specifically formulated for the urban pet needs with all in one nutrition.

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The #1 difference between PureLUXE and other pet food is their all in one nutrition for the modern pet. The modern pet live in an urban (citi-fied) environment with many stressors (lonely at home, less exercise, indoor pollution, less walks).  Pet parents want to give them the best and take them with them to parks or walks on the side walks nearby. They love their pets and want to give them the very best.

PureLUXE pet food utilizes key ingredients that work to fight against those stressors for a healthy pet. For instance, key proteins and starches like Turkey has higher levels of tyrosine and tryptophan to aide in stress. Their holistic blend of ingredients like prebiotics, probiotics, cranberries, etc support pets at the cellular level.  PureLUXE foods are designed to aide your pet with a strong immune system to protect against infection.

With less activity, some pets are prone to a heavier weight like our dog, Cali. She actually does get plenty of exercise but is ‘big boned’ and needs weight management food.  She LOVES PureLUXE Grain Free Holistic Healthy Weight formula made with Turkey, Salmon & Lentils. This 100% grain-free, gluten-free, made in the USA formula is good for dogs that are less active, overweight, or indoor senior dogs. She has turned her nose up at other ‘healthy’ weight management foods.

Personally, I love that my dog loves her food because I know it has everything her body needs to be happy and healthy. PureLUXE only uses the highest quality ingredients and they do more than just say that, they prove it. If you want to know exactly the % of ingredients in your pet’s food, you can enter the code on the bag on their website for all the information. Talk about transparency!!

If you want to give your dog or cat the best in nutrition too, you can purchase PureLUXE pet food through the PureLUXE website  or at a retailer near you. There are currently no retailers in Ohio, but we hope that changes soon.

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