Most Fertile Day of the Year is December 11: Spice Things Up!

most fertile day of the year

September 16th is the most popular birthday which makes December 11th the most fertile day of the year! If you are trying to conceive, today might be your baby’s date of conception! It’s time to set the mood and really spice things up.


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Research shows that 45% said their pregnancies were unplanned. That can be frustrating for those that are actively trying to conceive. One tip that I learned when we were trying to conceive is that stress has a negative impact on trying to conceive. Don’t try too hard, too often and take the fun out of it. Experts recommend trying to relax and just letting it happen. So, make the mood light on today, the most fertile day of the year – or any day you are trying to conceive.

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Knowing your ovulation date is another important piece of information when trying to conceive. The e.p.t. website is a great resource for everything regarding pregnancy.

When you are ready to know if you are pregnant, e.p.t. is there for you. In the study I mentioned before, it was noted that 28% felt more scared at first than excited when they learned they were pregnant. That’s ok too. You have 9 months to get use to the fact and plan! You’ll be a great mom!

ept most fertile day of year trying to conceive

Gone are the days that women went their doctor to confirm their pregnancy. Today, 47% of women know they are pregnant within the first 4 weeks of their pregnancy. 81% of women find out with an at-home pregnancy test like e.p.t. And just like me, 8 out of 10 women immediately use the e.p.t. home pregnancy test after purchasing it! That was me for sure!

Happy baby-making today! I hope that it rings true that today is the most fertile day of the year for you too. Sign up for a $3 e.p.t. coupon so you are ready to test as soon as your first day of your expected period.

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