Preventing Itchy Skin While Pregnant with CapriClear

With every one of my pregnancies I have had dry, itchy skin. I have tried a number of different products and most have scents that bothered me, or they left me feeling slimy, or greasy.  I just wanted my skin to feel normal and not be itchy! Recently I started using CapriClear and have relief!capriclearI received this product to facilitate this review.

What is CapriClear?

CapriClear is fractionated coconut oil. It a a portion of the whole oil and is used for many different things. CapriClear is an easy spray formula that has no parabens, no fragrance or artificial color.  It’s just 100% Coconut oil. This means it’s safe for myself and my children.It’s an oil so it is oily when you 1st spray it on. But it quickly absorbs into my skin without leaving residue. I love that I can see exactly where it goes on because it’s a little shiny until it absorbs. No artificial colors needed!


How to Apply

It’s so simple. Take the cap off and spray where you want, rub it in.  I will say the really nice part about the coconut oil being a spray is that it’s a light mist, so you don’t really have to rub it in. I like to rub it in. I even had Doug use it CapriClear to rub my back a few times.


What Can CapriClear be Used For?

While I am using CapriClear mainly for my belly, hips and chest for itchy, dry skin, it can be used for more. I used it the other day when my hair was dry from the weather changes, it helped tame my flyaways. (just sprayed and rubbed into my palms before lightly applying to my hair) You can also use it to help diminish stretchmarks and scars. But I think one of the best uses for CapriClear is for Ezcema relief, read more about it over in Cindy’s post.

Look for CapriClear at your local CVS, Walgreens, and Ulta.

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