Fight Wrinkles with Vapor?! My Experience with PUR ATTITUDE™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit

There are so many anti-aging skincare items on the market that it can be difficult to know which one to use. I am trying to live healthier and limit the chemical in my home and body. I have discovered a revolutionary skincare product that is chemical-free, uses ultrasonic nanotechnology instead of water to deliver natural polymers into your skin, and does an amazing job naturally reducing the look of wrinkles.

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The firs time I tried PUR ATTITUDE™  PURENERGIZER™ complete anti-aging kit, I was intrigued. It was totally different than any skincare product I’ve tried. It isn’t a lotion or even an oil that you apply to your skin, it’s a vapor from nano solutions!

There are several nano solutions to choose from that fit your skin needs most, or mix and match. I added the nano solutions (MAX Defense Lift & Firm, Magna Moisture Anti-Aging, and MAX Brightening) to the handheld nano infuser.

PUR ATTITUDE™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit

I sprayed the nano solutions and was quickly taken aback, I expected a mist – like a watery mist I’ve had in other products but this product contains no water, just the 100% natural ingredients, at full strength. It wasn’t a mist, it was a potent nano-vapor. It is hard to believe that this vapor penetrates deeper into the skin than water but that is because we are all so use to water being the #1 ingredient in all our skincare.  The reason this nano-vapor penetrates deeper is because the process using the ultrasonic nanotehcnology creates fresh liposomes at the time of application. It works with your skin’s natural lipid barrier to delivery the ingredients. PURenergizer links natural polymers with phospholipids, ceramides, and sphingolipids to create 7-10 microns of liposomes for improved absorption of indigents that goes right through your skin’s barrier wall.  The result? Soft skin that plumps the wrinkles away.

I’ve noticed a difference already, which is unusual for an anti-aging product of any kind. Plus, I’m so freaked out that I don’t need lotion on my face to feel moisturized. I use a lot of lotion for my sensitive skin normally. If I don’t, my skin feels awful. My skin feels amazing since starting the PUR ATTITUDE product. I’m really pleased with the results after only a week and can’t wait to share before and after pictures in the coming weeks as I can already see and feel the difference.  Once you hit 40, or 42 like me, it is time to really tackle those wrinkles, PUR ATTITUDE does just that with a natural product without chemicals.

You can purchase PUR ATTITUDE Nano Infuser and Nano Solutions on the PURE ATTITUDE website. Enjoy free shipping with any purchase of $50 ore more.

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