4 Tips for Perfect Valentine’s Day Card for Men

Valentine’s Day is next week, can you believe it? Valentine’s Day is a special day to tell your devoted husband how much you love him and hopefully spend quality time together. As moms, it is also a time to love on your kids extra, make Valentine’s Day boxes and treats for school, and make it special for them too.


I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Cardstore.com. I received complimentary cards and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

One of the easiest and most thoughtful ways to show everyone your love is through a beautiful Valentine’s Day card. I always treasure the cards that have sentimental writings inside, don’t you? Cardstore.com offers a wonderful collection of Valentine’s Day cards for your significant other, children, and other special people in your life. They even have tips to help you write a truly heartfelt card that might even get your man to cry.

Tips for Perfect Valentine’s Day Card for Men

  1. Take Your Time
    Think of adjectives that describe your guy when you are enjoying an activity together like loving, happy, giving, thoughtful or romantic. This will help you decide the direction you want when selecting a card.
  2. Be Yourself
    When writing inside the card, don’t try to sound like a card, be yourself, be honest, say what you feel.
  3. Incorporate Photography
    Add a photo that highlights an unforgettable moment you have shared – either print a photo or add it to a custom photo online like with CardStore.com
  4. Personalize
    Create a one-of-a-kind card by customizing everything to fit you and your guy, Cardstore.com offers many ways to personalize a card to be just perfect for your man.

It’s Okay To Cry!

These tips and ideas will hopefully give you better direction when selecting the perfect card for your guy – and other important people in your life. I just love cards that I know the giver picked out just for me, I love it when someone totally gets me. One of my most favorite Valentine’s Day gifts was a love note my husband wrote on a wedding picture he printed and framed for me. I have it on my dresser to this day. Yes, I cried. We cry when our significant other expresses their true feelings in a memorable way. Even guys agree that It’s Okay To Cry!

Tips My Valentine’s Day Cards

I was first introduced to Cardstore.com during Christmas. I loved the selection of cards and how easy it was to customize them. I also liked that they address and stamp cards for you too, if you want.

I shopped for a card for both my husband and my children for Valentine’s Day this year. It was so much more enjoyable to shop online and totally personalize the cards instead of standing at a rack at Walmart! Below is the card that I created for my husband, minus the mushy personal love notes. ūüôā

4 Tips for Perfect Valentine's Day Card for Men

I chose to include a couple photos, one on the front and one in the middle. I wanted to focus on our strong love now and from 16 years ago when we were first married. I like that Cardstore.com allows you to totally customize all cards with or without pictures. For the middle of my card, I included our wedding picture and a caption. I could have chosen up to three photos if I wanted!4 Tips for Perfect Valentine's Day Card for MenI quickly learned when my son started kindergarten that Valentine’s Day is not just for parents but also for kids. He was SO excited about Valentine’s Day and asked how we were going to celebrate. Now, we make a big deal out of it for our kids with special heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, love notes in their lunch boxes, and even Valentine’s Day cards. They are going to really enjoy their personalized cards this year from Cardstore – they have so many to choose from for kids too!

This is a manly enough card for my 9 year old son.

This is a sweet card that I picked out for my sweet little girl too.

Show your spouse, kids, and everyone special to you just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day with a personalized card this year. Check out Valentine‚Äôs Day cards from¬†Cardstore.com today, the deadline for ordering Valentine‚Äôs Day cards in order for them to arrive in time is February 6th.

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