Broaden your idea of what friendship is

Friendships do not always have to be the types that potentially COULD rush over in the middle of the night to help you out of a bind with your gag reflux children.  They don’t have to be the type that will help dive down to the bottom of your flooded basement and open a drain, and they certainly don’t have to be the kind to offer you a kidney. (And if they offer you one without you asking… euuewww)

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Friendships need not be profound, or long term

Sure its nice to have close friends- but you’re not going to have 1000 of those.  Consider just plain human interactions as GOOD things for you.  A casual acquaintance is not all bad , nor is a work friend, or someone you sit next to in a class or while visiting your kid’s class.  You may never visit each other’s homes or meet each other’s husbands, but you might enjoy that 15 minutes a week or hour a month you spend together.

Just don’t overdo it!  Treat this friendship with the appropriate level of affection- Sometimes when you assume too deep of a relationship, it gets creepy- don’t be creepy.  And who knows- the chance for more could develop.

Making Meaningful Connections

A couple of  years ago my husband bought me a book- The Art of Friendship,  by Roger and Sally Horchow.  The book provides “70 simple rules for making meaningful connections.”  It was a simple book chocked full of ideas regarding how to make more friendships, and develop deeper friendships.

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