Inspiring my Husband with Demands, err, Resolutions

There’s no end to the opportunities for self improvement for 2012.  I have my own for myself, but, what’s more fun, is making up a TODO list for my husband for the new year.  He can handle it, he’s a big boy.

New Years Resolutions… for my Husband

  1. He’s had a workbench in the garage for two years.  Since he moved it in there its not been cleaned up at all.  I bought him a pegboard system for Christmas, hint hint… its time to Clean it up Larry.  Sure, you get a pass for four more days because we forgot to take the trash out last week and its getting pretty thick in there.. but starting January 5th… Get Going!
  2. He’s done a good job at assisting in the build up of a half dozen lego models from Chirstmas for my younger set.  But the older ones still need his attention.  Larry, please GET INTERESTED in what they are doing!  I know its just math homework, but its important that they know you think they did a good job on getting an A- on the last test before break.
  3. Lose some weight boss!  I know I am worse than you are Larry, but lead me on a weight loss adventure so I will think you are a tad bit sexier than you are…right now!
  4. Cut out that awful habit you have of quoting movies.  I’ve not seen even half of the films you are mentioning, and I FORGET the lines from the other half.  Quit it my friend!
  5. OK Larry, just one more.  Stop throwing away my coupons!  I’ll clip them when I have time.  Just because they can sit out for weeks at a time doesn’t mean that they don’t have value.

Anyway, those are my gripes.  One of the other gripes is getting my husband to pay a little more attention to what I write here on AOM.  I’m a new blogger, and this is important to me.  If he reads this, GREAT!  If he doesn’t, this will all be my little secret that I shared with Akron.



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