4th of July Bento Boxes

USA Flag Bento Box

Have you ever searched for Bento Boxes on the web or on pinterest?  Traditionally, Bento is defined as a single-portion meal common to Japan. With Japanese food, Bento Boxes are basically rice, fish, and vegetables all arranged in a box container.

The hit now is taking bento boxes and creating pictures and characters out of the food.  The arrangement of traditional Japanese food or other food to look like characters, people, animals, flowers, or anything else you can imagine. The varieties and creativity put into these are outstanding!!

I’ve been doing some research for an upcoming contest I want to enter, and have searched high and low for Christmas Bento Boxes. This research led me to something more timely- namely Independence Day, or, 4th of July Bento Boxes.

Patriotic Bento Boxes

Enjoy these patriotic and inspiring bento boxes! What I like about bento boxes is that they are generally made up of pretty healthy food but made to look so exciting that anyone would LOVE to enjoy eating one of these creative meals!

Fireworks Bento Box

Green Onions can be a great building block for bento- but I’ve never thought about exploding them as fireworks- Wow!

Fireworks Bento
Fireworks Bento

Patriotic Bento Box

Sometimes you just can’t go wrong with blueberries and strawberries for your red and blue- bento or not! The stamped stars make it fun!

Red White and Blue Bento with stars
Sonoma Bento

Beautiful US Flag Bento Box

Stars and Stripes – It’s amazing what a little repetition can do with sliced foods!

USA Flag Bento Box

Happy 4th of July Bento Box

Carrot Cutouts- this lady is talented! Doesn’t this make you feel inadequate as a mom? lol

Happy 4th Letters in Orange Food.
Bento Box created by Sherimiya

All American Bento Box

Baseball and Apple pie- An All American Theme no doubt!

USA Bento Box Image
Bento Box Created by Sherimiya

Map of USA Patriotic Bento Box

So, I’ve never cut the USA out of bread before, but doing it for bento food is a pretty neat application!

Red White and Blue and USA Outline
Bento Box Prepared by Bento-logy

A Simple 4th of July Bento Presentation

Sometimes you can just go simple!

Bento Box Prepared by Bento-logy
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