7 Killer Resources for your Family of LEGO Builders

THe LEGOs are out in full force in our house.  Now that the first and usually ONLY round of building with LEGO bricks according to the provided instructions is over, imaginations have gone wild!  Unfortunately, there just isn’t a ‘what’s next’ besides the (often cheesy) “Mom look at the car that I made” efforts.

So, I’ve done my research today, take a look!

Build Together- The Website

Sometimes you have to be cautious of corporate sponsored websites- but this one is an outstanding WIN!  BuildTogether offers an exceptional “DAD-A-BASE” of build ideas, games, and concepts for the whole family to built with LEGOs, together.  This website starts out feeling like the recent set of commercials of the same title- but its really so much more than that.  Do give it a try as your first stop for family fun!

Peeron hosts 100s of scanned instruction setsCatalog of Nearly EVERY Lego Set – with Instructions

Peeron is an old school site (you can tell by the ancient design) that does an incredibly good job at cataloging everything that Lego has ever made.  They have cataloged 100s of sets and scanned 1000s of pages of instructions.  Likely- you will find an instruction set that yo built as a kid – believe it or not they have a scan dated 1958!


A Community of Lego Builders submit their own designsLEGO Fan Community

MOCPages.com is a fan/community site that allows you to browse the designs of 1000s of active LEGO designers of a wide variety of skill levels.  Not only is this a site for inspiration for your kids, but can also be used as a ‘goal’ for your children to upload their own images – once they create them and photograph them.

(shameless affiliate link)

How Good are DIfferent LEGO Sets?LEGO Kits Rated at LugNet

This site isn’t one for my family, but, just maybe, it will be for yours.  LugNet offers ‘reviews’ of every LEGO set out there.  Ratings are based on how good the piece collection is for each set.  Funk sizes, or maybe big bricks make some sets better than others.

Cool and Easy to Build LEGO Projects

Shauna, a mom of two and brain tumor survivor has a simple little squidoo page with a lot of LEGO information– and she populates it with information regarding projects that she, AS A MOM, has completed with her 5 year old.  She puts me to shame in terms of her effort!

Lego builds by instructablesInstructables- a Major Resource for Outrageous and Fun LEGO Ideas

Instructables is a website intended to help hobbyists, and the do-it-yourself with step by step instructions on how to make/fix pretty much anything.  Obviously this fits well with the LEGO crowd, and it show!  Find instructions on everything from cell phone stands to pyramids to lego chess sets!

Advanced Lego  Contraption – Video

Once you’ve got enough inspiration from these ideas, take a look and show your kids this video of some pretty advanced LEGO machinery.




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