A Little Family Time…It’s Magic!

Tonight we went to “Family Grill Night” at our pool, Leisure Time Recreation Center in Stow.  Once every few weeks, Leisure Time hosts one of these special nights where they provide huge grills and free pop, and families bring picnics and hang out together, chat while grilling, and enjoy some evening pool time.  It’s always fun.  Tonight, it reminded me that activities we do as a family don’t need to be anything huge, expensive, or far away to be magical to our kids, or us as parents!  Just relaxing, hanging out together, and doing something a little outside of our normal routine is all my kids need to feel like we did something special.

After our picnic dinner, I was playing with Lila (age 3) in the pool, spinning her around on her little inner tube.  She was squealing with delight.  Definitely a happy camper!  My husband decided to brave the cool water, and headed to the big slide with Alyssa (age 8).  As the two of them went up the stairs of the pool, I caught Alyssa grabbing her dad’s hand.  That may not a big deal in your house, but Alyssa is going through that stage where she’s really trying to be a big.  She often tells me, “Mom, I’m not a kid, I’m almost an adult!”  :)  So, those little moments when I catch her enjoying close times with my husband, myself, or extended family are really special.  They warm my heart.

All of this occurs in the week that I have been wracking my brain trying to solidify summer vacation plans.  I’ve been feeling like it’s a lot of work, and a real pain, to be honest!  None of the details have been coming together easily.  And yet, we had an awesome time at Family Grill Night, just being together.  Reproducing that magic needs to be my goal.  And if I’m honest with myself, it really doesn’t take much.  Just the four of us together, a hotel with a pool, and the rest is icing on the cake.

Learn from my craziness:  Don’t over think your time together.  Just get out there (where ever that might be) and enjoy each other.  You’ll reconnect, laugh, and come back refreshed, even if you’re just coming from family board game night in your own family room!

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