Become a Self-Aware Parent & Bond with your Child: Book Review

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Resolving Conflict and Building a Better Bond with Your Child. When I read this tag line for The Self-Aware Parent, I had to look into it. Who doesn’t want to create a better bond with their child? Who doesn’t want to resolve conflict? With a 4 year old and a 6 year old, I know that the days of my kids being my little love bugs will be short lived, they are individuals that are growing up. They have a mind of their own. I want to be sure that as parents, we are giving them the best shot in life as an individual person, not a copy-cat of me.

The Self Aware Parent Book Review

The Self Aware Parent talks about how your childhood and how you were raised and your (& spouse) personality impacts how your child will be raised. In the first chapter, you will learn how to recognize how similar you are to your parents’ parenting styles. As kids, we all say we will never do such-and-such the way our parents did. As parents, are you? This book helps you to consciously evaluate your feelings, reactions, and thinking process and how it all pertains to your child’s feelings. By being “self aware” as a parent, you have the tools to nurture your child into happy, emotionally healthy kid with a good self esteem. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids?

The second chapter is all about separating your child from you, not just physically letting go at different stages but emotionally too. There was an excellent example of how a mom could not separate her feelings from  your child’s feelings. When her daughter didn’t get invited to a birthday party at school, she made a big stink. Even though the class mate only invited a handful of kids, she expressed extreme disappointment and sadness about this in front of her daughter. Her daughter was not close to the classmate and did not care that she was not invited – UNTIL her mom projected her feelings onto her. Now, the daughter was upset too. What good did the mom do? None. Had she been self aware of what she was doing, she could have restrained herself from making her daughter feel pretty lousy that she was not invited.

The third chapter is just what I needed and I suspect many other moms especially. It is all about managing parental worries and concerns. At my small group Bible Study meeting tonight, we talked about stress. Out of all the factors we can be stressed about, all of the moms agreed that much of our stress comes from parenting, specifically from worrying about our kids. This chapter invites you to evaluate if there is a legitimate reason for you to worry, if you are projecting your fears and worries onto your child, how to calm and settle yourself, and how to stop worrying in slow increments.

picture of The Self Aware Parent
The Self Aware Parent

I could go on and on about how The Self Aware Parent is caulk full of great advice, insightful hints, and encouraging words but instead, I am going to encourage you to buy this book. Other topics in this book includes:

  • The Helicopter Parent: Dealing with Your Parental Doubt
  • The Spaghetti Parent: Learning the Value of Saying No
  • Controlling Negativity in Your Communication
  • Managing Your Temper—-Raising Awareness to Angry Feelings so Your Temper Doesn’t Creep Up on You
  • It’s About Your Child, Not You
  • The Importance of Bonding Solidly With Your Child
  • When One Parent Travels

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